Chengdu is now the foreign dog nanny two times a week charges 100 yuan (Figure) (video) ssdao

Chengdu is now the foreign "dog nanny" two times a week charges 100 yuan (Figure) 10 in the morning, American girl Dani came to Tongzi is located in the forest of a high-end residential area. Do the registration at the front desk in the lobby, she received a card from the front desk staff, take the elevator to the 14 floor of a household door, the door hung a small blackboard, writing above "walking, defecation, drinking, walking the line", with English, there are "20 minutes, no 100ml," the corresponding record. Dani in front of the door shouted "millet, I come!" A loud cry of excitement from the door rang. Dani is a "dog nanny", she set up a studio with another two living in Chengdu foreign girls, the main content of the work is to help busy working dog. "The dog sitter": professional dog soon, Dani holding the small dog "millet" returned to the community hall, and then the Dani studio partner from Canada Marie has been holding a girl named Bansky and husky in the doorway. Marie warmly greeted the dog in Dani’s hands in English: "Hello, millet! Are you ready to move?" Then, Dani and Marie squatted down, a pair of dogs after a touch, then set off to the nearby pedestrian street. Chengdu Daily reporter found in to different sections, Dani and Marie have different requirements for dogs. In the quiet street, Dani and Marie make deliberate training two dogs were walking in his front right, when the dog ran to the other direction, they will stop and re adjust the position, and then move on; when crossing the road, you will be asked to follow the dog in his right foot, when the dog at regulations to smooth the end the road, Dani and Marie will immediately come up with baked dog biscuits, as a reward. "We think the dog at the moment of owner’s right, is the most safe place, so we will walk the dog, the dog walking in the right owner deliberately cultivate the habit of." Dani explained. Came to a small garden, Dani and Marie two were significantly relaxed the dog action "control", because the two dogs size difference, Dani and Marie respectively with different lead dog sports, Dani led a large dog to play Frisbee husky; and the smaller dog, then led by Marie, went for a walk in the garden. After about 20 minutes of exercise in the garden, Marie said: "millet is tired, I’ll take it back." Dani Bansky led the huskies, continue to exercise. 40 minutes later, Dani’s alarm clock rang, "Okay, Bansky, it’s time for us to go home!" Then, holding back Bansky Dani. However, come to a crossroads, smart Bansky suddenly recognized that this is the way home, furthermore, it won’t go in the street, and Dani. At this point, Dani ran out of touch, to the dog biscuits and other methods, but has always been unable to Ba responsibility相关的主题文章: