Chen Guangbiao cut the stomach to lose weight track the surgical wound in the navel or medial Sohu n-ca1810

Chen Guangbiao cut the stomach to lose weight "or news tracking: surgical wound in the navel inside – Sohu Beijing News (Reporter Lin brilliant news Intern Wang Yongxian) the morning of September 25th, in the" cut the stomach to lose weight "scandal of Chen Guangbiao appeared in a Jinhua venue, and our proof abdomen no trace. However, a number of informed sources told the Beijing News reporter revealed that Chen Guangbiao had participated in the bariatric surgery, the surgical department of laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery, the wound is hidden in the navel inside, this also means that show no trace of abdomen is not enough to prove innocence. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing News reporter tried to verify the matter to Chen Guangbiao, but as of press time has not yet received the other response. People familiar with the same "incision in the navel in earlier media published an article that gastric surgery", Chen Guangbiao has been able to within 3 months, lost 52 pounds in weight, and the weight loss center of the relevant professional actually cut gastric surgery. Beijing News reporter obtained a suspected Chen Guangbiao’s medical records. Among them, a height of 170 cm, weighing about 87.8 kg, called Chen cursor, the man, in Beijing, Jiuxianqiao, a weight loss center within a single incision sleeve gastrectomy. A total of 5 pages of medical records. Which refers to September 13, 2015 after the operation, patients can gradually from clean to liquid food, 3 months after the return to normal diet. The weight center staff told the Beijing News reporter said, there are ways to perform the bariatric surgery center 11, including single incision sleeve gastrectomy. 3 months after the operation, it can be seen that the effect of weight loss, weight of about 1 years to achieve the normal. At least 3 or more from the hospital and close to Chen Guangbiao, sources said, Chen Guangbiao in the weight loss center had bariatric surgery. A source said that he had seen this chart, opening in the navel Chen surgery, postoperative absorption line can be sewn on, then the stomach have no trace, only part of the absorbable suture with thread. After the operation, he lay in the ward for a few days, have only regular drinking water, there have been anti vomiting, then accompanied by weight loss center left in secretary. "Stomach" or "clean" to prove that Chen Guangbiao had held a press conference, clearly denied the weight loss surgery. He said that he had never done any bariatric surgery, not made the so-called gastrectomy, his body is no scar and perforation. At a meeting in Jinhua on the 25 day, he took off his jacket, confirmed that the abdomen without trace. Whampoa , in a few days after the press conference, the Beijing News reporter provided its September 22nd, went to Nanjing University Medical School Affiliated Drum Tower Hospital Medical Center made a physical examination report. The internal medicine by a doctor, mainly is the routine examination, confirmed that no abdominal scar, liver and spleen not palpable swelling, no tenderness. The hospital doctor requested anonymity told the Beijing News reporter, check the cut stomach, generally without special treatment, the surface will leave scars, but it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions only by eyes and hands, proposed to combine CT and so on were observed. Beijing News reporter noted that the suspect.相关的主题文章: