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Chelsea shook hands and helpless United out Mourinho beneficiaries – Sohu   sports; Chelsea theme title fight when compared with the previous United, now their troubled two teams to fetch a apparently helpless to bottom out, but the real beneficiaries may be at that time but both teams have ties to marshal Mourinho. Chelsea has been unbeaten in 11 consecutive games, but is still in the lower half of the League standings. In this game, become the main force guard Zuma injured enough to coach Hiddink gasped, barely 1 points to fight also failed to make the team even a minor upgrade. Since last December since the Huanshuai, although the blues stabilized, but still hovering at the bottom. 10 games throughout the two time Hiddink Chelsea took over the helm of the team, although unbeaten, also became the 2016 after the start of the League against the top more than 3 teams, but suffer from a majority, and seeing the top eight only two victories of the distance is within sight but beyond reach. At the same time, coach Mikel and reuse defensive players will not run out of total 3 substitutions act, has been labeled "conservative" label, make itself dull in Chelsea, want to win kiasu burden of bound feet. The league has been in the past 25 rounds, 10 points away from the Premier League’s 40 point relegation pass, and Chelsea’s current goal is not the top six European war zone, but relegation as soon as possible and return to the upper half of the zone, ending the nightmare season with a "soft landing". At the end of the game, a good Manchester United man was missed, and there was a lot of pain in his heart. And not to say that the camp full of wounded soldiers, light from last year to this year’s voice of the class is enough to make coach Van Gaal "one head, two big."". Fortunately, the team recently played in a few games, but has not stopped the argument Huanshuai tone decreases. But this does not mean that Van Gaal ‘s firm, after all, the Red Devils still in the top four distance away, in front of Manchester city team still has 6 points. Thus, each get 1 points for the two teams now depressed once brilliant team is an utterly inadequate measure. The leader of running away, the pursuer has also been in sight, the biggest beneficiaries of this field is of no avail in the draw, I’m afraid Mourinho is unemployed. At the end of last year, the Portuguese lost Standford Bridge Stadium manager, was considered to be the top Blues elegant retreat to revive the team move. But two months later, Chelsea didn’t let anyone see signs of recovery. In addition to individual players in the game mentality change, the team as a whole is still unable to attack, keep it, in the speed of the opponent’s strong still no way out. Despite the enthusiasm of attacking players and the lack of a chance to change blood in the transfer window, Mourinho looks more like a scapegoat. The defending champion has fallen to the freezing point this season, but he is suffering from a combination of structural ills and bad luck. Therefore, Chelsea is not bottomed out, Mourinho is able to remove the blame". Moving away from the old club "notoriety", Mourinho potential home more desperate. And the most likely new owner is Manchester united. Van Gaal’s job is in jeopardy of Xin 切尔西曼联握手言和无助走出低谷 穆帅成受益者-搜狐体育     切尔西与曼联相比以往交手时争冠的主题,如今各自陷入困境的两队各取一分显然无助于走出低谷,而真正的受益者可能是身在局外但与两队都有千丝万缕联系的名帅穆里尼奥。   切尔西已经连续11场比赛不败,但仍处在联赛积分榜的下半区。本场比赛,渐成主力的后卫祖玛的受伤就足够让主帅希丁克倒吸一口凉气,勉强拼来的1个积分也没能让球队提升哪怕一个位次。自从去年12月换帅以来,蓝军虽然止跌,但依然在低谷徘徊。   纵观希丁克二次接掌切尔西帅印的10场比赛,球队虽保持不败,还一度成为2016年开年后联赛中抢分前三多的球队,但苦于平局占据大多数,眼看与前八名只有两场胜仗的距离却可望而不可即。同时,老帅重用防守悍将米克尔以及总不用完3个换人名额的举动,也被贴上“保守”标签,让本身就沉闷的切尔西,在想赢怕输的包袱下束缚住双脚。   联赛已经过去25轮,距离英超传统40分的保级及格线还差10分,切尔西当下的目标已经不是前六的欧战区域,而是尽快保级并返回上半区,“软着陆”地结束这个噩梦般的赛季。   在终场前错失好局的红魔曼联,心中也有诸多说不出的痛。且不说伤兵满营的阵容,光是从去年传到今年的下课之声就足以令主帅范加尔“一个头两个大”。好在球队在近期打出几场好球,换帅争论虽未戛然而止但已声调减小。不过这并不意味着范加尔帅位得到稳固,毕竟红魔仍在前四名开外,距离身前的曼彻斯特城队仍有6分差距。   因而,各取1分对于两支曾经辉煌如今虎落平阳的球队都是杯水车薪。领跑者越跑越远,追赶者也已经近在眼前,这场无济于事的平局中最大的受益者,恐怕是赋闲的穆里尼奥。   葡萄牙人去年年底丢掉斯坦福桥球场帅位时,曾被认为是蓝军高层弃车保帅重振球队的举措。不过两个月过去,切尔西并没有让人看到重新振作的迹象。除了个别球员在比赛心态上的改观,球队整体依旧是攻不进、守不住,在速度型对手的强突之下依然毫无办法。   尽管有打击球员积极性和在转会窗口无所作为错失换血良机的责任,但穆里尼奥看上去更像是只替罪羊。卫冕冠军在本赛季成绩跌至冰点,实则遭遇结构性顽疾和糟糕运气的叠加。因此说,切尔西越是无法走出低谷,穆里尼奥就越能卸掉这口“黑锅”。   逐渐摆脱在老东家时的“骂名”,穆帅潜在的下家更加求贤若渴。而最有可能的新东家,恰恰是曼联队。范加尔的帅位已岌岌可危,即使能够撑完这个赛季,如果错失参加欧冠联赛的机会,红魔的帅位更迭将势在必行。   随着瓜迪奥拉确认将在下赛季执教曼城队,作为同城对手,曼联可选择的能在名声气势上相匹敌的新帅也只有穆里尼奥,再加上葡萄牙人的执教能力,入主老特拉福德属于大概率事件。   因而,老东家继续沉沦,同时还拖住了潜在新东家的步伐,作壁上观的穆里尼奥,眼看距离自己的新工作又近了一步。文 新华社记者 郑昕相关的主题文章: