Changes In Pattern Of The Civil Services Preliminary

.puters-and-Technology The changes in the Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2011 are aimed at testing the candidates aptitude for civil services. The examination .prises of two papers. Each paper is of equal one word and has to be answered within two hours. Paper one would .prise of questions of general awareness and Paper two was based on an optional subject till now… As per the new structure, Paper one will remain largely unchanged In the changed format the controversial system of scaling is removed; since earlier the candidates had the option of choosing their subject for Paper two, and scaling had to be done to bring parity among different subjects. However now, as the candidates will appear for a .mon aptitude test, scaling wont be required. There is a stress on the right aptitude, skills and abilities to be a good civil servant. The new format of the preliminary examination of the civil services claims to assess the same. The UPPSC exam is a tough nut to crack. Only a few hundred pass every year, although lacks appear for it. That appear for it every year make it through from the lakhs of students who appear in it. The revised pattern of this exam has created quite a stir among the aspirants, especially who are attempting second time, due to sudden change in pattern. The changed format of the preliminary exam is a shift towards application based questions in the new format. The knowledge, .prehension and analytical skills of the aspirant will be tested, which is good as candidates cannot just depend on rote learning. Also, since all the candidates will be writing a .mon paper, there will be no need of scaling, which is only fair. The course content of the new pattern is somewhat along similar lines of CAT and GMAT, students who had been preparing for these .petitive exams, MBA graduates and students from a technical background may have an edge over those from the humanities background… The new pattern of the Civil Services Preliminary Examination has, disadvantage, especially for non-English speaking background candidates since English and mathematics is now likely to play a vital role in Paper, and one can only hope that they .e out with a balanced paper which does not give any one segment of aspirants advantage over others. Students in general are little worried and nervous because of the new format of the prelims. Many aspirants from the technical background may be slightly more confident about the logical reasoning and math section of the paper, but are apprehensive about the weightage given to English and .munication , since that is not their forte. On the other hand, mathematics is usually not one of the strong subjects of students of humanities, and thats where they feel they stand to lose. The Author Mrs. kamal Balchandani is a career Counselor with Bangalore Total Help Desk About the Author: 相关的主题文章: