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Cecilia Cheung and love was recorded by onlookers – Sohu entertainment Cecilia Cheung recorded the scene Sohu entertainment news is red and more, and she was in love, the love of the game! Recently, micro-blog revealed a suspected new romance Cecilia Cheung photos, but was friends Slide Show face, the so-called love is only suspected in the show scenes photos. It is reported that Cecilia Cheung is currently recording a variety show. Photos can be seen from the user exposure, recording the scene scene is very popular, fans and passers-by have stepped forward onlookers. Cecilia Cheung was wearing a red sweater, are capable, show freaky charm, also childlike enthusiasm of the fans and playing the self timer, full of people goddess fan children. In recent years, Cecilia Cheung repeatedly traced by love, proved to be false news. To this end, I am also quite troubled Cecilia Cheung, repeatedly issued a public statement through the broker and the company. In fact, Cecilia Cheung has been very enjoy the time together and the children, the single mother live is very wonderful, shortly before she was photographed coming out of the market for the two person baby son to buy food to cook, a brilliant smile, full of vitality, independent image has long been popular hot mom.   相关的主题文章: