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Dental-Care If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, you may be looking for a teeth whitening product. You may not be able to afford a dentist’s professional whitening services, so you may be looking for a home teeth whitening product you can use conveniently at home that costs much less. Some home whitening products use a gel to whiten your teeth but how effective is it? Gel whiteners are made from a .pound called carbamide peroxide. The active ingredient in carbamide peroxide is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide helps to remove stains within your teeth enamel. It is .monly used in cosmetic dentistry to bleach teeth. The whiteness of your teeth after using a carbamide peroxide whitener will be based on the gel’s concentration and how long you leave the gel on your teeth. Most gels have a concentration between 10 percent and 35 percent. Products with higher concentrations of carbamide peroxide have a higher risk of bad side effects (e.g. chemical burns). So yes the gel can be effective in whitening teeth and is also used by many dentists in their whitening procedures. What is a good gel based product? Many home whitening products have a low concentration of carbamide peroxide. These home teeth whitening products can still give you the results you desire with less chance of negative side effects for example, sensitive teeth or sore gums. A pen is a .mon gel based product. You dispense the gel from the pen and apply it to your teeth with the small brush at the tip. It is easy to ensure all your teeth get covered. It is very convenient to use and doesnt take long to apply. Typically, the gel is flavoured so it doesnt taste unpleasant or leave a bad taste in your mouth. Once applied to the teeth, it takes around 30 seconds to dry. In a pen, the gel flow can also be controlled easily so there is less mess .pared to other .mon home whitening products such as trays, strips or powders. How long will it take to whiten your teeth with a gel? Results will depend on the extent of the staining on your teeth as well as your lifestyle. For example, stains from smoking and dark coloured liquids such as red wine and coffee can take longer to remove. These factors will also contribute to how long your teeth stay white. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: