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"Blood Cube" shock on the line to build Guoneishoubu soft science fiction thriller – Sohu entertainment small and give you find a good movie! September 8th by cable ink writer, Xuan Xiang Jie directed, Jing Minqiang, Yang Congxi, Bai Jing, Han Mingxi, starring Wang Tao by the media as "power saw fright" version of Chinese network the movie "blood Cube" in Iqiyi video shocked the broadcast, imaginative and P plot to attract a large audience, the broadcast will get a warm market response, gain a good reputation and high popularity, especially large scream in the suspense film lovers in. The new media from the Asian Film Festival, Xiaobian eagerly looking forward to it through the layers of screening, the Busan Film Hall debut talent shows itself South Korean film in the domestic line. Before the trailer "blood Cube" has already entered by the praise mode, on-line one day reputation rate, rising rate of topic. "The blood Cube" first time on-line, small running watch. The highlight of the combine, no escape thriller atmosphere and no escape humanity perfect full energy, no urine point at. An overview of the current domestic suspense weak, cop-out, "blood Cube" story of ups and downs, reversing the plot to promote everything in good order and well arranged layers of bedding, the fate of the characters, frequently tested, completely unexpected ending, thought-provoking, full of flavor, is a suspense movie in the network leader. The plot is linked together, is "the first pace at top speed," the big selling blood cube. The story is full of tension, the five men and women in the human desire to betray each other, and finally in the underground terrorist chamber in the dark outbreak. Another big attraction is the road of revenge repeatedly in reality and illusion, go astray, kill strange scenes, unique magnificence and shock structure. Han Mingxi starred in a male perhaps Xi betrays his girlfriend relationship with ancient rain Faye bestie’s encore, Encore children was unbearable lost innocence, she tried to Dutch act while her boyfriend bestie adultery and through the relationship between the three, sudden entanglement abruptly exposed the occasion in the wake of was unexpected horror the chamber of captivity, they can escape to safety in this world betrayed addiction? With humanity will come to judge by who? Is to look down, you will find that everyone’s secrets, new and old, gradually surfaced, and finally let you in the end in lost again. "Blood Cube" is not only a thriller, but by exposing the real human nature, which is the most incisive reflection Man’s heart is incomprehensible., the most profound aspect. Sublimation from the plot compact thriller to perfect art, "blood Cube" is opening a new trend of domestic soft science fiction thriller. It is understood that the film by the devil screenwriter Sommer personally surgeon, writer was born he had written "shanpaolv city", "history" and many other campus coquettish hits film. "Blood Cube" abandon old stems, horror, suspense, fun burning brain and other elements, humanity will end, scale beyond imagination, a shot in the arm for domestic thriller, lead a universal scream. "Blood Cube" by Beijing Star Line International Film and television media, Beijing Jiayuan sea culture media Co. Ltd., star Lei International Film culture.相关的主题文章: