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Writing Surprising as it may seem, Ken Follett revises his first draft only once, though some individual sections might be rewritten several times to get things right. Every day he is at home, he writes from 9 am to 4 pm, and he manages to write about thousand words ready to publish every day. He doesnt take any time off during the time when he writes and works continuously for months, though he may take occasional weekend off every now and then. Time and Effort Needed For Promotion He points out that promoting his books takes a lot of his time, and he has to put in a lot of effort in traveling while doing so. Many of his novels are set in historical time periods for which he has to conduct extensive research. He also takes the help of research assistants to write the novel. He also consults his family members get their feedback on ideas produced by him. He Takes Others Feedback Also After taking a look at the initial draft of A Dangerous Fortune, his son said the heroine looked too much of a victim to be convincing as a protagonist, a problem, which was later taken care of by Ken Follett. While conducting research for his novels, he makes sure he goes through all the details, confident in his belief that every element may be of use to him at a later stage. Exact details make his books more authentic in the eyes of the readers. Ken Follett Wants To Make an Impact Ken Follett pays a lot of attention to his writing and narration techniques, with the sole intention of making an impact for the readers. His novels are set in actual historical situations in which the individuals are a lot like the present day readers themselves, as Ken Follett believes the history is not different from our present at all. Characters Are Shaped By Circumstances The author makes sure the choices made by the characters and factors beyond his or her control are clearly presented in the books written by him. Most of the time, he believes the characters do not have much control over what is happening in their lives, and whether they will become rich or lose all that they have depends mostly on external factors. These are, however, rare thoughts from Ken Follett about his own work, as he is very selective about discussing what he writes or thinks about his own work. Writing Happens Itself He generally avoids participating in discussions about his own work and the meaning of his novels. When critics start talking about his work, he becomes confused as he says the writing process itself does not allow him to bother a lot about the meaning of his own work. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. Track the three most influential families across the world on their journey through the 20th century. Order your copy of Fall of Giants by Ken Follett at great discounts only at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Writing 相关的主题文章: