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Argentina coach shelling Barcelona did not take good care of Messi missed the world cup in the crotch Daoguajingou review Messi ball sports Tencent guards on September 23rd in Nokamp’s game against Ma Jing, Messi in the second half groin will be sidelined for three weeks. According to Spanish media "Aspen" news, Argentina coach Bauza in an interview is shelling Basa (official website data) did not take good care of Messi, and that Messi will miss the two qualifiers in October. Barcelona and Atletico fifty-fifth minutes into the game, Messi after the break to feel uncomfortable, a few minutes after nearly 90000 fans cheering left the stadium. After the game, Barcelona official said Messi because of a groin injury sidelined for 3 weeks, the Argentina star will miss against Gijon, Viggo CELTA two La Liga games against the Champions League and Monchengladbach group phase. It is worth mentioning that the groin injury has affected Messi for a period of time, he was injured on September when the Bilbao athletics pubis, but he was the first to return to the national team participated in the World Cup against Uruguay, played with the injury of Messi scored the only goal in the game, but also aggravating the injury caused him to miss second games. After a few days of recuperation Messi eased the situation, after the comeback showed a good state, nearly 2 games scored 5 goals, but in the crucial match against Atletico in the groin injury again attacked the Messi. Argentina coach Bauza said: "we know about Messi’s injury and it takes him three weeks to recover. We haven’t talked to Messi, national team doctor has to check the image of Barcelona sent Messi, such a thing happened unfortunately, hope he can fully recover in three weeks. In fact, Messi can not attend the October two qualifiers, we are still waiting for the medical report Barcelona’s specific situation, but we have to find a replacement for Messi, the rest of the team will fight together." Bauza also blasted Barcelona for the lack of care for Messi: "we played in Uruguay, promised to take care of Messi. This is why no reason to let him participate in the game and then venezuela. Barcelona have also said that to take care of him, but let him participate in two weeks in the five game, did not take care of him, we can only hope that his situation is not too serious. As far as I know, Messi want to play every game, this is his consistent ideas, because he has a commitment to the club and the national team, but we will arrange the doctor gave him a check, make sure he was not suitable to participate in the competition. Messi doesn’t like it, but we have to do it for his health." "Messi will always be able to help us, he is the leader of the team, the best player, can decide the game. No Messi is a challenge for us, but we have a lot of good players and I’m looking for the right replacement. We may use Baala, he is in good shape, and there are a lot of other players to choose from." Bauza said. (Gerd)相关的主题文章: