An All-round Look At Joomlas j And Beyond Conference-seaway

Software This conference was predominantly based on the improvements and updates of the recently release Joomla! 3. Importance was given mainly to Joomla! 3 as only a week before J and Beyond the decision to include Twitter Bootstrap into Joomla 3.0 was made. Joomla 3.0 and User interface improvements The design concepts by Kyle Ledbetter initiated thoughts about a change in design, interface and administrator which is obviously for the betterment of Joomlas efficiency. During the keynote Kyle Ledbetter informed the audience about the progress they have been making and the reason for using Bootstrap as a basis for the new Joomla User Interface. Improved Admin This new JUI will make the administrator end look and feel simpler as well as more sophisticated which will enable the platform to be more user-friendly. The already existing design which has its parameters in a big right hand column which is the edit article view is converted into tabs for easy navigation. .ponents will be able to use .mon HTML5 markup, as well as .mon user interface elements (buttons, form elements, navigational elements, icons etc) which will make the elements to look the same regardless of the .ponents in which they are located. This aspect of the new Admin will show in the user interface and make it easier for users to operate the application. Joomla developer consider this as they can tap into these elements directly using CSS classes without spending numerous hours on editing each and every element individually. Improved Front-end The use of Bootstrap is not just for the Administrator end but it can be utilized to enhance the front-end too. The improved mark-up and CSS can be taken advantage of by the front-end. The built-in responsive support of the Bootstrap template facilitates it to be instantaneously ready for the mobile platform. As Kyle mentioned, however, the mark-up needs to be everywhere for this to work (if not, a non-responsive module will break the responsiveness). Collaboration between extension devs With the increasing number of collaborating projects more and more Joomla developers are getting to meet one another through extensive events like the J and Beyond which is considered to be a very healthy improvement. And by getting to know people the process of sharing experience and knowledge builds on an exponential level between them and other Joomla developers from all over the world. Sharing leads to ideas and often developers find that they share .mon ground. This is great for end-users, implementers and designers. Data exchange between extensions is one example of this type of collaboration. By adding small modification to their extensions, developers can let other extensions connect to their functionality. Examples can be an events manager that taps into a ticket reservation system, which in turn connects with a payment plug-in. Not Just for Joomla developers J and Beyond started off as a Joomla developers conference but it has spread in such an extensive way that it is not restricted to developers alone. Though it cannot be signed off as an end-users conference it can definitely be called as an implementers conference too. Non-developers working with Joomla developers to implement Joomla designed web applications found it very informative and apprehensible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: