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Travel-and-Leisure Shopping Sprees while Staying at Rome Hotels Youll never find a better place for shopping than in Rome – full of different boutiques with the trendiest things from top-rated designers. But after hours of sightseeing and traveling, going shopping at the opposite side of the city might not be as exciting as you wish. In that case, look for Rome Hotels that are easily reachable. You will love staying at Hotel Montecarlo. Hotel Montecarlo is situated very close to one of the most famous shopping streets in Rome Via Nazionale, notorious for its shopping variety of swish things. Another very special Roman Street is Via del Corso which is notable by its vast variety of classy things from the top-rated brands like Ferrari to Swarovski crystals. If you consider yourself a shopping fan, La Rinascente in Via del Corso has to be the first thing in your to do in Rome shopping list. Mondial Hotel, Your Home in Rome, Hotel Delle Nazioni, Daniels Hotel and Hotel Raphael are the nearest hotels among these shopping avenues. Discount Packages at Rome Hotels A tour in Rome involves sensible preparation. If you decide to go on a slim month, which is usually during January to February and then November, hotel rates are much more lower and you would be able to get the best of everything from them. This brings us to the topic about discounts. Even 4-Star Hotels like Hotel Villafranca which is two kilometers away from Spanish Steps and The Coliseum is offering a Double Deluxe Room for only $98 per night. How about spending a night for free at the Cardinal Hotel St. Peter?For $260, stay for 2 days and you can get the 3rd night at no charge. It has a very good location being near to Pantheon and the Vatican. If you are restricted to lower than that, Rome American Palace EUR costs $46 good for two persons from what originally was at $54. Its just a brief presentation of some discounts systems in Rome hotels but if you want to know more you can browse the internet and explore more possibilities. Superior Rome Hotels Visconti Palace Hotel, one of the biggest hotels in Rome with 4-Star rating is .posed of 247 contemporary suites filled with expensive lights and beautiful interior decorations just right to de-stress your body. It also happens to be a family-oriented hotel which aids the guests who want to experience family tour packages. If you want some privacy and feel like todays rich people, you can opt to stay at the Duke Hotel. I Duchi, the hotels restaurant serves low-fat recipes for those who want to keep that waist intact. Marcello Piacentini, a celebrated architect in Italy, sketched the 94 wondrous rooms in Boscolo Palace Hotel. It boasts of the 60s-70s era with art paintings like Frescoes of Guido Cadorin. Rose Garden Palace is another one of those high-class Rome Hotels. It has 59 rooms decorated in a linkage between old-fashioned and avant-garde Rome. It also has a fitness Center called Oasi that offers work out instructors, hi-tech gym facilities, sauna rooms and pool. You can also call for a masseuse if you desire. All these 4-Star hotels provide only the best of what your money can buy. Feeling Royal at Rome Hotels Do what you dont do when in normal mode during your vacation mode. Since Rome has been known as an Imperial Government during the time of the gladiators and emperors, visitors would like to experience how it feels to be of noble blood. Hotel Splendide Royal, Grand Hotel De La Minerve and Regina Baglioni Hotel are among of the Rome Hotels that have housed people with noble descent and the building structure itself used to be a place for royals. These are all accredited 5-Star Hotels with Imperial history. The Roman Maronite .munity once resided at Hotel Splendide Royal, called the place their palace and when modern day came, the building was refurbished to be what it serves today. The famous and touched with royal blood, the Fonseca Family used to own the Grand Hotel De La Minerve which started construction during 1620. Because of that, sovereigns from all over Europe reside at the palace whenever they are in Rome. Regina Baglioni Hotel was once a home for Queen Margherita of Savoy while she was waiting for Palazzo Margherita to be built. In fact, she was the one who named the hotel Regina. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: