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According to the 12 million 100 thousand men buy invalid until Duijiang still does not believe that the Sohu news in November 25th is the next day, Shuangse Qiu 2016138th early in the day, a more than and 40 year old man appeared in the Guizhou Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Duijiang room, apparently on the staff said: "the expiry date". Then he took out a lottery ticket to the staff, after verification, the gentleman is the day before (November 24th) in the evening of fresh baked 12 million 100 thousand yuan prize winner. The evening of November 24th, the double chromosphere 2016138th lottery, out of the red for 07, 16, 20, 24, 25, 30, 07. The first prize blowout again, out of 12 note, the 5 note is non multiple bets, not to participate in the awards, single note bonus of 6 million 52 thousand and 100 yuan, the flower falls 3, the Guizhou lottery harvest 3 note. The first prize in the 3 note lottery harvest in Guizhou, winning the lottery 2 note for a 20 yuan 2 times times the vote, sold in Guiyang city Xinggui road lottery betting station No. 52015153rd; another 1 note first prize winning tickets for a single 10 yuan tickets, sold in Guiyang city of Jiahe road 52012173rd the number of betting stations sold. In one fell swoop 2 note first prize, Mr. Lin (Surname) said he was very lucky, very happy. According to reports, Mr. Lin is a fan of the double chromosphere, the period of betting, feel good when you cast a little more than when you don’t feel good just throw a little less. And this is not a good bet Lin feeling, so readily from the bag out of a previous betting lottery, sales staff according to play. He is a duplex, times the investment in buying, because the double chromosphere is sent award, he also cast a double current, but no prize, only a small prize, but is 2 times the single times did not have much hope for the vote he brought 12 million 100 thousand yuan prize lucky. Every morning to buy a newspaper, watching the lottery lottery announcement, check their lottery, which has become the habit of Mr. Lin. November 25th morning, Mr. Lin as usual, bought a copy of the metropolis newspaper, while watching the current lottery betting. To this lottery 2 times, before the 3 note number are not in my heart there is no hope that what has been reported, but the next 1 note he sent to the surprise — full of numbers, was the first prize, and 2 times the bet, once in a 2 note first prize, harvest up about 12000000 yuan bonus. In the face of this Pumianerlai surprise, Mr. Lin was overjoyed, when he was only an idea — to lottery. Then, he played all the way to the Guizhou Provincial Welfare Lottery center. Mr. Lin said: "standing in the Duijiang room lottery, I have some do not believe, looking at the check in the hand, heart slowly calmed down, he is really hit the jackpot. In the future, I will continue to buy welfare lottery, give my love, get the chance to win."相关的主题文章: