A woman drinks a drink and a bee bee stings into her throat solid converter

The woman drink drink into a bee bee sting tail into the throat of the woman drink drink into a bee bee sting tail into the throat at the age of 30, Ms. Liu did not think that you drink a pot of Wang Laoji, actually drink into a bee, more unfortunately, the bee sting tail into the throat, tossing her for four days. "Look, it’s a bee sting!" Yesterday morning, Ms. Liu from the patient’s throat out of a seemingly insignificant small, let Yinzhou hospital otolaryngology doctor nurse surprised how bees sting into the throat? Originally, 4 days ago, Liu drink a pot of Wang Laoji at home, just drank two, suddenly remembered a few days cold approaching, then quickly put down the hands of Wang Laoji, the home of a few quilt hold to the sun. I did not expect this little effort, hidden danger has quietly come. When she suddenly felt a Wanglaoji drink, drink with what foreign body into the throat, painful itch again, Liu coughing violently for a few minutes, coughed up a bee. It turned out that the bee flew into the pot of drinks, and was eventually swallowed by liu. Liu thought that the bee spit out all right, did not expect the next 4 days, the right side of the throat always has the sense, couldn’t help came to the Yinzhou Hospital of otolaryngology clinic for help. Admissions to the Department of ENT physician Feng Shanshan Liu in the mouth and found no doubt what foreign body, foreign body in the deep hypopharynx, suggested that patients with dynamic laryngoscope. Under dynamic laryngoscope, Dr. Feng found that the entrance of the entrance of the esophagus has a suspicious white pus point. After a full anesthesia of the pharynx and larynx surface, Dr. Feng used an electronic laryngoscope, and a foreign body forceps was inserted through the biopsy hole. So this is the beginning of the scene. The doctor said, the hypopharynx foreign body is a common disease in Department of ENT, in addition to the common fish bones, chicken bones, and wire, and pepper shell crab legs, iron spoon, it can be said Nothing is too strange. But the bee stings the first time. Dr. Feng reminder, if the occurrence of foreign bodies must be timely medical treatment, mostly smooth out, defuse the danger. (reporter correspondent Feng Shanshan, Xie Meijun, Chen Min)相关的主题文章: