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A painter: Leekpai Kaizong Peng Qingyang fourflusher and fix, or boastful, puff, or others to the sidelines, the ride, in today’s world of painting is a homely food, if not out of It is quite common for, cheat, it became a rare thing. Nowadays, the big talk, especially the big blow, small big blow, no blow. The big blow, that this is remarkable painter, has deep social background, routine background, market operation should be more mature, the body language in art efforts, physically and mentally, and strive to do a good artist, but JiaBuZhu noisy world, not depressed live in the heart of greed, always leather fool, talk again and again. Small blow. The small, the level is not high, or techniques, or no roots, or the early River’s Lake, rivers and lakes, fooled the world bank. These people are often small, ambitious, invincible to the base, such as leather thick skinned, insolent words extremely, let people smell disgusting. As Dean, master, master, master, the supreme leader, founder, Overlord, etc. like like a ghost in the calligraphy circle swing, walk in the art market, every feature of flicker. Song Xie Lingyun full of wit, people are very conceited, who said: "the world has a literary stone, Cao Zhi was high peerless, alone occupies eight bucket, and I have a bucket. The rest of the world is divided into another." He touted Cao Zhi a man of great talent talents and pull Cao Zhi sedan chair, and said he has a bucket that is undoubtedly brag brag. I finally was isarrogant, asatsuna, they abandoned political affairs and were killed, and this is not unrelated bragging conceited. Xie Lingyun about the way directly, is art, he pulled Cao Zhi sharedzilla, helped by its sedan chair, to puff. The sedan chair is boasting some of today’s people quite good inheritance and innovation, such as we watch all kinds of "ten characters" "eight master" "six master" is according to the routine act. Some famous pulled to sedan chair is  collateral damage , don’t know what happened. Although the person was carried to spend money to buy some distressed hat, but happy to sit in the sedan chair dancing is something gained. This "sedan chair" is a collaboration of self hype. "Results", in order to disrupt the market, fooled people, enrich themselves. I think this is drinking poison to quench thirst, lays the behavior, the fix is their own digging buried". Master flying, famous Leekpai Kaizong fix emerge in an endless stream, every minute, some artists boast not blush boast not guilty, which is "not bragging tax" "brag law" luck. In fact, not brag brag nobody, unable to control, but the relevant departments, Yong Zheng lazy government, ministers are not as. Brag brag is in essence a kind of dishonest behavior, if the leather blow, is suspected of fraud, false advertising, the income also is illegal, as a result, not only to declare illegal bragging, but also in jail. In the book of the painter, occasionally talk big, is also a kind of regulation make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, way of life, but some people like this, as money newspaper相关的主题文章: