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Arts-and-Entertainment Chinese mainland,a market with almost one fifth population in the globe is becoming boomer and boomer,especially in the online game market.South Korea,Japan and America has try their best to explor bigger market in it.And its own government also encouraged its own game industry.Now these games are succesful in Chinese mainland:WoW and FIFA of American,Aion,DNF of South Korea and its own wanmeishijie,shenguichuanqi and tianlongbabu.Now a new online game would open its market in Chinese mainland,its big name has been heared by all the people before by three movies.It is The lord of the rings.(If you wanna buy Cheap LOTRO Gold,you could visit .gogoer.com) As a matter of fact,it is not a new name in the game market.It had been tested in Chinese mainland market since two years ago.After the long testing period,it would open its internal test on 25th,August.By that time millions of Chinese players could load into the game world to play theri own roles in the Legendary world.So let us have a look in the game. Just ike many western fantasy games,it also has rich and colourful game conyents-a great world,various tasks,heterogeneous races and paticular classes.You could have a chose from hobbit,human,elf and dwarf.Different races have different beginning ways and tasks.And you could play these roles,just like assassinator,flagman,fighter,Shieldguard,hunter,sage and bard.And this game world also has various contents,excert those common tasks,you could also take epic tasks,counterparts,and producting skills.Otherwise game also pay more attention to group cooperation,you could fight against a terrible boss with your members together and then share your bonuses. As we know,this game has been operated in EU and the USA,and owned a good fame and profit.By the way,you could buy both LOTRO EU Gold and LOTRO Gold in .gogoer…Chines people have a generous mind for exotic culture,the success of WoW is a good example.So wo should not worry about its cultural .patibility.And we could have a firm confidence in the product quality of American Turbine.So let us wait to see how wonderful this game could be.If It could .pete with WoW. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: