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A game company to do VR they want to do a "Carnival" said 2K VR Games, which belongs to the Take-Two Interactive game publisher has launched many classic games, including the one that makes you stop another round of "civilization", every year a "NBA 2K" series as one of the "railroad tycoon" childhood memories. Now, the company has become a VR ready to get involved in the game manufacturers, but they used to test the game is not above their best-known works, but "Carnival Games" (Carnival Games), a once released in Wii and DS works. 2K Games announced that it will launch the VR version of the game Carnival this year, is expected to be on sale in October 28th, priced at $19.99, will be landing HTC Vive and PlayStation VR platform, and later landed Oculus Rift. The game carnival was originally released on 2007. In that era, Wii rely on the sense of physical and casual games market, with more than 100 million of sales in the history of Nintendo’s best-selling home console. "Carnival" game also is taking the number of casual games. This game will let you remembered the white machine that XX one game card, including a number of you in the carnival games, or amusement park rally will see the game: such as pitching, rings, horse racing, a tightrope. This kind of game is very simple to use the characteristics, and more than one shot strategy, so that the game Carnival in Wii and DS issued more than 7 million copies, becoming the Wii sales ranked third in the game. Today, 2K Games is trying to use VR technology to restore a virtual playground players. Compared to the "NBA 2K" series or "the land of the Lord", the casual casual games into VR from the technical and cost is relatively easy to do. For VR devices to be popular in the era, this may be an insurance. "As our first step in this area, we want to provide players with a more easy to use entertainment experience, so that they can be immersed in the game Carnival classic fun." 2K Games senior vice president Sarah Anderson said. In the VR version of the game, there are 12 games in the classic series, and some new achievements and patterns can be unlocked by completing some games. In the first VR field, game manufacturers generally tend to use this game to test, such as the "Eagle" Ubisoft and the werewolf game VR. Interestingly, for 2K Games, Take-Two Interactive (their parent company, including the "Grand Theft Auto" studio Rockstar CEO Strauss Zelnick) has been very cold. He said in 2014 that VR devices were "anti social" and would lose a lot相关的主题文章: