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Suzhou, a child’s family threatened doctor   treatment adverse will take violence – People’s network Jiangsu window – People’s original title: Children’s family message threatening doctors: ineffective treatment, "will take violence", this photo triggered a fierce discussion of friends. "If pneumonia is poorly treated and leads to serious consequences, I will resort to violence!" This fierce discourse, even appeared in the doctor-patient communication record. Recently, a photo on the network heat transmission, causing widespread concern netizens. Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, this happened in Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University, shortly after, the family members gradually stabilized, and apologized to the doctor on duty, again in the "doctor patient communication record" signed. After active treatment, the patient was improved and discharged from hospital around 15:00 October 4th. A photo caused netizens to vigorously denounce the National Day holiday, a photo in micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends was crazy forwarding. The picture is a doctor patient communication record, which shows that the diagnosis is as follows: 1, neonatal pneumonia; 2, respiratory failure; 3, neonatal anemia. Children in the hospital groans, shortness of breath, complexion cyanosis. The patient was critically ill after admission to hospital and was monitored by the incubator. However, under the diagnostic content of a blank part, a few lines of handwritten words are shocking: "if pneumonia treatment ineffective, lead to serious consequences, I will take violent means."!!!" Not long ago, the doctor Li Baohua were hacked to death, before the incident, the suspect had a medical trouble several times. Therefore, after the photo was exposed, the netizens reacted very violently. A feeling more excited netizens said: "must wait until he cut people, just detained?"" "Old veterinary gentleman" said: "take home treatment advice."." "Sesame seeds" said: "hope the hospital blacklist."." 1961.0cm, a lowly friend from Mars, said: "for this threat, doctors should directly pursue criminal responsibility for endangering public security."." The hospital issued a statement, the family has apologized, October 6th, Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University issued a statement on its official platform. The hospital said, in the morning of October 6, 2016, the hospital found a number of media on the network broadcast "family members in the doctor patient communication record signature: if pneumonia treatment ineffective, lead to serious consequences, I will take violence" situation. After the hospital survey, September 28th at about 5:00, with Tan Moumou due to shortness of breath and groan 18 hours ", from outside the hospital transferred to our hospital in NICU (NICU), diagnosed as neonatal pneumonia, respiratory failure, neonatal anemia". On duty doctor to communicate with family members to explain the condition and inform the critically ill, according to the requirements of parents in the "doctor patient communication record" signed. At the same time, the family members signed the "if pneumonia treatment ineffective, lead to serious consequences, I will take violent means."!!!" Around 8:00, the doctor was on duty to report the case in the shift. 8:30 or so, the hospital security office to Suzhou Industrial Park, East Lake police station reported. Then, the ward director, the doctor on duty and the staff of the security department communicated with the family members of the disease 苏州一患儿家属恐吓医生 医治不利将采取暴力–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:患儿家属留言恐吓医生: 医治不力,“必将采取暴力手段” 这张照片引发了网友激烈的讨论。 “如果肺炎医治不力,导致严重之后果,本人必将采取暴力手段!”这段言辞激烈的话语,竟然出现在医患沟通记录上。近日,一张照片在网络上热传,引起网友广泛关注。扬子晚报记者了解到,此事发生在苏州大学附属儿童医院,事后不久,家属情绪逐渐稳定,并向当班医生道歉,重新在《医患沟通记录》上签了字。患儿经积极治疗,病情好转,已于10月4日15:00左右出院。 一张照片引发网友激烈声讨 国庆假日期间,一张照片在微博、微信朋友圈被疯狂转发。照片上是一张医患沟通记录,上面显示:诊断内容为:1、新生儿肺炎;2、呼吸衰竭;3、新生儿贫血。患儿入院时呻吟、气促,面色发绀。患儿入院后告病危,暖箱监护。 然而,在诊断内容下面一块空白部分,几行手写的字却让人触目惊心:“如果肺炎医治不力,导致严重之后果,本人必将采取暴力手段!!!” 就在不久前,莱钢医生李宝华被砍身亡,事发前,犯罪嫌疑人曾医闹数次。因此,该照片曝出后,网友们反应非常激烈。一位心情较为激动的网友表示:“非要等到他砍了人,才拘留?” 网友“老兽医绅士”说:“建议带回家自行治疗。” 网友“芝麻格格”说:“希望医院出黑名单。” 网友“来自火星的贱友1961.0cm”认为:“对于这种威胁医生的,应该直接以危害公共安全追究刑事责任。” 医院发布说明,家属已道歉 10月6日,苏州大学附属儿童医院在其官方平台发了一封情况说明。院方表示,2016年10月6日上午,医院发现多家媒体在网络上播发“家属在医患沟通记录上的签名:如果肺炎医治不力,导致严重之后果,本人必将采取暴力手段”的情况。 经医院调查,9月28日凌晨5:00左右,患儿谭某某生后因“气促、呻吟18小时”,从外院转至我院入住NICU(新生儿重症监护病房),诊断为“新生儿肺炎、呼吸衰竭、新生儿贫血”。当班医生向家属沟通交待病情并告知病危,按要求需要家长在《医患沟通记录》上签字。家属在签名的同时,写上了“如因肺炎医治不力,导致严重之后果,本人必将采取暴力手段!!!” 8:00左右,医生总值班在交接班时汇报了此事。8:30左右,医院保卫处向苏州工业园区湖东派出所报案。 随后,病区主任、当班医生和保卫处人员一起与家属沟通病情,派出所警员也到医院仔细了解事情经过。之后,家属情绪逐渐稳定,并向当班医生道歉,重新在《医患沟通记录》上签了字。该患儿经积极治疗,病情好转,已于10月4日15:00左右出院。患儿家长对医院的医生和护士表示感谢。( 於苏云) (责编:耿志超、张鑫)相关的主题文章: