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Advertising Now, you are in Amsterdam. Wel.e! Amsterdam is a city which is full of thrill, excitement and opportunities to explore diverse things. A capital city that deserves this status! Holland receives more than 3 million visitors each year and the majority prefers Amsterdam as destination. Cheap hotels Amsterdam are around the town, visit one of them. They are at your disposal to make everything easy for you. If you like biking, .e out of your hotel and hire a bike and begin for the adventurous journey of Amsterdam to explore the beauty of the city. Dont worry; the bicycle is very popular in the city and it would be a good exercise. Continue your exploration visiting canals and bridges. You ought to rent a boat to discover this beautiful landscape. Dont forget to carry a camera and if you dont have it, buy one. The next day, you can visit the Anne Frank House; see the masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. It would be a cultural day for you. If it is your first time in the Netherlands, ask for cheap hotels Amsterdam. Youll never regret this decision and youll find an excellent service. Public transport is excellent, with trams, an underground, a light railway and ferries. Forget your automobile unless you need to travel outside the city and take a bicycle. Amsterdam has lots of festivals and exhibitions. These are two of them: Vondelpark Open Air Summer Festival and Julidance 2008. They are very re.mended, if you have the opportunity visit these festivals. During your stay in Amsterdam there are lots of places to visit. You can experience the extraordinary architectural work, picturesque canal that cut across the town and immense variety of shopping. Dont spend all your money so fast, save something for a souvenir for your friends and relatives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: