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Health Research conducted by prominent institutes and health professionals reveals that massage has remarkable benefits for seniors both physical and emotional. Results show that our grandmas or grandpas, when opted for a therapeutic session, have shown improvements in terms of relief from body ache, pain, anxiety, depression, mood swings and agitation. The gentle touch of the hands and fingers of a professional masseur helps in better pain management and recovery from injury or surgery. Massage is a soothing, gentle and relaxing experience for the elderly, creating a human connection. Lets read this article to understand how touch therapy restores physical and mental wellness in seniors. Sore or Painful Muscles Heal Sooner No matter how much seniors try to stay physically active and live a healthy life, there will be health concerns like strained, sore and pulled muscles. Severe strains may also occur as a result of exercising and participating in active hobbies. Gentle kneading and pressing of the body would help in making sore and painful muscles heal faster. Treatment of Osteoarthritis Several researches have shown that treatment by a professional therapist proves effective in the treatment of elders who are plagued with osteoarthritis. Regular therapy helps in alleviating pain, rigidity, and also improves flexibility. In many cases, patients may have experienced temporary improvements, but definitely helped older adults in living a better quality of life till the next session. Relaxing for Alzheimers Disease or Dementia Touch is considered essential for .municating with patients suffering from Alzheimers disease or dementia. As far as massage is concerned, it helps in calming, soothing and relaxing a patient plagued with such ailments. The greatest advantage is that, touch therapy helps in improving the quality of life for Alzheimer patients, helping them to feel relaxed and sleep better. Hand massage is ideal for such patients as it is gentle and doesnt exert more pressure like other forms of therapies. Moreover, it can be easily learnt by caregivers who can apply the therapies on their senior clients. Improves Sleep and Mental Precision Older adults often .plain of less or disturbed sleep. Massage therapy is beneficial in fighting insomnia in seniors as well as related problems associated with less sleep. Improved sleep helps people with mental precision and clarity. It also helps in reducing stress in older adults. When stress is released, it makes an elderly person calm and .posed, making him or her feel more controlled in terms of their interaction with others. Less Anxiety and Nervousness Nervousness and feelings of anxiety are .mon in elders. Touch therapy of a certified and professional therapist meets the special needs of seniors. Even a simple hand massage can do wonders if done the right way. For patients suffering from dementia, hand massage has proved to alleviate nervousness, fear, anxiety and agitation. With such therapies, seniors in assisted living facilities are able to partake in group activities without any problem. So, if you are in search of a geriatric massage therapy specialist who has experience in dealing with seniors; ask a lot of questions and ascertain whether the concerned has experience in the same discipline. Thats because the methods followed concerning older adults are radically different from that of general clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: