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Press-Releases Boxer was originally a docked and cropped breed of dog. But, because of the fact that cropping of the ears and docking of the tail of a dog were no longer allowed by the animal rights groups and by the general public at this point, boxer is now bred and developed as a working dog. Boxer is a stocky dog covered with short, shiny, smooth, close-lying coat. It is a medium-sized breed of dog. History of Boxer Boxer was conceived and developed in the late 19th century in Germany. Its origin was actually from the now extinct Bullenbeisser, a dog of English Mastiff descent. The boxer breed actually stabilized in the year 1894. Three Germans are responsible in the stabilization of the boxer breed, namely, Friedrich Robert, Elard Konig, and R. Hopner. And in the year 1895, the boxer was first exhibited in the public. The year after that, the Deutscher Boxer Club (the first Boxer Club) emerged. Fascinating Features of Boxer One of the fascinating, distinctive features of a boxer is its head. By standard, its head must not only be in perfect proportion to its body, but it must never be too light as well. It is too slightly prognathous. Boxer has a broad, short skull. It also has a square muzzle, and a strong jaw. Fawn and brindle are two recognized colors of boxer. The former typically involves the color light tan or yellow, reddish tan, stag or deer red and dark honey-blonde while the latter typically involves black stripes on a fawn background. Amazing Facts of Boxer Boxer was introduced in many European countries in the late 19th century. And around the turn of the 20th century, it was introduced in the United States of America. In 1904, the American Kennel Club (AKC) was able to successfully register the first boxer. Boxer was used in military operation in World War One. Its tasks include as a guard dog, attack dog, messenger dog, and suchlike. Kids can gain more information about boxer at the e-book entitled Boxers Dog Books for Kids (Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Book 56) kindle edition by K. Bennett and John Davidson now! It is accessible at today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: