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Arts-and-Entertainment As unbelievable as this may sound, Identity Theft is rapidly increasing amongst young children and infants. As a matter of fact, The Federal Trade .mission along with many other national government organizations have announced that over 10 million people last year were affected by this crime, 10% of those victims were children, and 5% were under the age of 1. The Number 1 Misconception Of Child Identity Theft A huge misconception of Identity Theft, is that many parents believe a criminal has to physically steal your childrens data in order to .mit identity fraud. That is a big mistake if you are a parent that believes in that. Amazingly, Identity crooks have figured out a way to obtain your child’s most valuable identifier, their Social Security Number, without having to physically steal from you. These thieves can get your child’s Social Security number through what reports are calling a "prediction process". That means that they can randomly guess or predict a social that has already been issued or one that will be issued someday. What that means for parents is that there is a small possibility that your child’s personal information could already be in use or at risk of having their information randomly guessed and obtained. Believe it or not, there are thousands of cases where social security numbers that were issued to newborns had already been stolen by identity thieves. MSNBC did a special segment on infants that had been victimized before they were born. They even go as far as tracking the thieves who were still using the children’s information, and surprisingly, law enforcement could not do a thing. A Quick Look At How These Criminals Are Doing It. The reason that these criminals can use this information without being caught, is since the credit systems are not set up for accuracy, the social security number is not verified that both the name and age of the person that the social security number belongs to match. With your child having a clean credit slate, these criminals use your children’s information to open credit cards, bank accounts, take out loans, mortgages, and Identification or Driver’s License cards to .mit other criminal activities. The Challenges Parents Face In order to find out if your child is a victim of identity theft, many identity theft protection .panies and resource centers inform you to get a credit report on your child. This is MISLEADING information and totally FALSE. In fact, the FTC, and the 3 National Reporting Agencies advise against having you run a credit check on your child unless you suspect they are victims of Identity Theft. This will lead them to have a premature credit file, making their information much more vulnerable. According to Michael E., author of Save Your Identity, in May of 2002 Privacy Right Clearinghouse conducted a survey on identity theft victims. The average victim spends 175 hours or more and a minimum of $800 to resolve these issues caused by identity theft. Not to include that it will also take 2-4 years to get those problems cleared up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: