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The Ministry of public security, the national railway police to secure the safe and smooth – Sohu news during the Spring Festival, the National Railway Police Organization police stick to their posts, earnestly implement the security measures, strengthen the station patrol inspection, strict security check risk, increase the focus on equipment inspection, to ensure the safety of railway transportation flow during the holiday season. Tens of thousands of Railway Police spend the Spring Festival in a special way. In the new year’s Eve, the world’s highest altitude high-speed rail station, at an elevation of 4000 meters high Tiehao Lanzhou station, Wuwei railway police station police station at Minle braved the cold, hypoxia harsh environment inspection line; in February 8th, the Lunar New Year’s day, in the northernmost part of the national railway, Qigihar Railway Police Department police station in MoHe Railway Station, minus more than 30 degrees Celsius in winter, facilities along the railway inspection strict in demands in Shanxi in February 8th; the Taigu Railway Station, police on duty were confiscated, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods 19. Around the railway police police deployed to ensure reasonable adjustment, no vacancy, missed the post, not post withdrawal. Strengthen security check danger, ensure the strength is not reduced, the standard does not drop. Further strengthen the station fire inspection, eliminate fire hazards. At the same time to improve the Public Security Bureau, public security department, three police duty guard system, to carry out special inspections of internal guns, vehicles, communications, detention, ensure adequate police at any time to emergencies. In order to ensure the safety line, around the railway police also further strengthen the line inspections, and actively carry out hazard investigation and remediation, close cooperation with car service, public works, electrical and other units, comprehensive inspection train dispatching room, traction substation, network supporting facilities and equipment, and effectively grasp the security situation of the line. Many local railway public security organs regard the high-speed rail lines within the tube as the key point, and organize the police to carry out uninterrupted inspections for 24 hours. (source: website of Ministry of Public Security)

公安部:全国铁路警方力保安全畅通-搜狐新闻  春节期间,全国铁路公安机关组织民警坚守岗位,认真落实各项安全保卫措施,加强站区巡逻检查,严格安检查危,加大重点设施设备检查力度,全力确保节日期间铁路运输安全畅通。  全国数万铁路民警以特殊的方式度过春节。除夕,在世界上海拔最高的高铁车站、海拔4000多米的兰新高铁浩门站,武威铁路公安处民乐车站派出所民警冒着低温、缺氧的恶劣环境,巡查线路;2月8日,大年初一,在全国铁路的最北端,齐齐哈尔铁路公安处漠河站派出所民警,在零下30多摄氏度的严寒里,一丝不苟检查铁路沿线设施;在山西太谷火车站,2月8日,值勤民警共查缴易燃易爆危险品19起。  各地铁路警方合理调整警力部署,保证不空岗,不漏岗,不撤岗。加强安检查危,保证力度不减,标准不降。进一步加强站车消防检查,消除火险隐患。同时完善公安局、公安处、派出所三级值班备勤制度,开展枪支、车辆、通信、看守所等内部专项检查,保证有足够警力随时处置突发事件。为了保证线路安全,各地铁路警方还进一步加强线路巡查力度,积极开展隐患排查整治,密切与车务、工务、电务等单位的配合,全面检查行车调度室、牵引变电所、护网等设施设备,切实掌握线路治安情况。多地铁路公安机关把管内高铁线路作为重点,组织民警开展24小时不间断巡查。 (来源:公安部网站)相关的主题文章: