With a friend to buy lottery lottery prize and 300 thousand a accidentaly across – Sohu-法拉利599gto

With a friend to buy lottery lottery prize and 300 thousand without a scratch – Sohu accidentaly across the daughter "winning spree lasted more than a month, the last 300 thousand yuan prize was finally opened, fell to the Qingdao City East Road 1 37622150 lottery betting station. It is said that winning lottery is "novice", looked at his friend to buy, after also want to try their luck, did not expect the 30 million prize went into the arms. No lottery winners do not have to be discouraged, "5000 to send TV", "1000 to send electromagnetic stove", "50 to send 50, 30 to send 30", as of December 30, 2016, Qingdao lottery also has the opportunity to get multiple good manners. With some friends xicongtianxiang often spread 300 thousand life to buy lottery tickets myself, with friends to play, the result being director; with a friend to go to the interview results have been selected…… I did not expect to buy lottery tickets, accompanied by friends to buy lottery tickets, resulting in his prize. The day before, the Qingdao lottery Zhang (of surname) is the case, the young man usually do not often buy lottery tickets. On Saturday, came together with friends in Qingdao City, East 1 road Fucai 37622150 betting. See "scraping daughter" activities a lot, a friend bought a few pieces of "scraping the daughter" bad luck, in 100 yuan. After that, the two men left together. After leaving, Mr. Zhang also "heart itch meaning", thinking of friends in the prize, and also try their luck He returned to the betting station and bought his friend’s bag, "a piece of jade scraping" lottery ticket, and bought it. Unexpectedly, surprise arrived quietly. When Mr. Zhang scraped the second lottery ticket, the first prize of 300 thousand yuan was displayed in front of him. Is "pie in the sky" hit, not ignorant is not possible. A lot of people fighting for more than a month, are looking forward to the 30 million award, did not expect the award should be so unexpected. What’s the 300 thousand dollar prize for? Mr. Zhang plans to decorate the bridal chamber and get married. "I’m so lucky."." He’s still a little bit unbelievable. I seem to spend more time with my friends in my spare time, and maybe good things will come to me.

陪着朋友去买彩票 无心购彩与30万大奖不期而遇-搜狐  “一刮千金”中奖狂欢持续了一个多月了,最近30万元的大奖终于被揭开,落于青岛市市南区东海1路福彩37622150投注站。据说中奖彩民是“新手”,看着朋友买,自己之后也想试手气,没想到30万元大奖就闯进怀里。没有中得大奖的彩民也不必气馁,“中5000送电视”, “中1000送电磁炉”, “中50送50、中30送30”,截至2016年12月30日,青岛彩民还有机会获得多重好礼。   陪着朋友买彩票自己中得30万   生活中经常流传一些喜从天降的情节,陪着朋友去试戏,结果自己被导演看中了;陪着朋友去面试,结果自己被选中……没想到买彩票也是,陪着朋友去买彩票,结果自己中了大奖。   日前,青岛彩民张先生(化姓)就是如此,这位年轻的小伙子平时并不经常买彩票。上周六,跟朋友一起来到青岛市市南区东海1路福彩37622150投注站。看到“一刮千金”活动多多,朋友就买了几张“一刮千金”,手气还不错,中了100元。之后,两人就结伴离开了。   离开后张先生也“心生痒意”,想着朋友中了奖,自己也试试运气?他就折回投注站,把朋友买剩下的那包“一刮千金”彩票,都买了下来。没想到,惊喜悄然而至。   待张先生刮至第二张彩票的时候,30万元的一等大奖,就展现在了他的面前。被“天上掉下的馅饼”砸中,不懵是不可能的。很多彩民“奋战”了一个多月,都在期待这30万元大奖,没想到,大奖竟然就如此不期而至。   中了30万元的大奖用来干什么呢?张先生计划着,正好用来装修新房和结婚。“真是太幸运了。”他到现在还有些难以置信。看来空闲的时候得多陪陪朋友,说不定好事儿就会找上门呢。相关的主题文章: