Robber active left IOU promised to repay the victim said that because of weak – Sohu news-残清1864

Robber active left "IOU" promised to repay the victim said that because of weak – Sohu news a few days ago happened at the moment, the 36 year old Yang Jiaxing people fear. Around 6:30 in the evening of January 28th, the sky was dark, Yang came home from work, Audi Q5 parked outside the district. There was not a few steps in front of him, a masked black man in front of him, and a dagger in his hand. The other was tall and strong, Yang on the back the car, start the money. Yang did not dare to resist, took out his wallet, there are more than 9800 yuan in cash and a few bank cards. "How much is the bank card password?" Don’t play tricks." The robber snapped, and covered his head and mouth with a towel. "If you’re not honest, you’ll kill."." Yang felt suffocated, desperately struggling to say in detail the password, "please don’t hurt me, I give you what you want, I have to take care of the children and their parents." The robbers really seem to be persuaded to loosen the hand, let Yang drive to the ATM machine to withdraw money. He asked to go to the remote place in the countryside ATM machine to withdraw money, 17 times to take 55 thousand yuan. Along the way, see Yang with the robbers seemed to pour out of desire, "my mother’s father, also lying on the Jiaxing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, advanced cancer, surgery in 600 thousand, I was forced to wait. I have a wife, too. I didn’t want to rob……" Take the money, the car back to the neighborhood. Get off before the robbers offered Yang leave iou. He plan to write very seriously, is inscribed "Shen Guohui", but also with the ID number, agreed to pay the money back in May 1, 2017, also let Yang signed. The robber said that ten thousand yuan was needed, and another bank card was taken by yang. Not until 21:40 did the robbers leave, and immediately after returning home, Yang reported to the police. Police immediately involved in the investigation, quickly through clues, at 23:30 on January 29th in the rental room arrested the robbers. The suspect surnamed Huang, Jiaxing, 31 years old, unemployed, no criminal record, married for half a year. All he said, in fact, are fictional, the IOU on information is false. According to the account, because he is doing business borrowed usury, was a debt to the new year every day, are not quiet, only the idea of the robbery. Huang stepped in front of the neighborhood a few times, on the day to see Yang driving high-end cars, but also a person, people grow emaciated, this is to find his hand. Why do you want to leave IOU? "I think he (Yang) attitude is very good, very weak, I wrote the IOU, he would not alarm." The robber was innocent. At present, Hwang has been criminal detention.

劫匪作案主动留“借条”承诺还钱 称因事主软弱-搜狐新闻  说起几天前发生的惊魂一刻,36岁的嘉兴市民杨某心有余悸。   1月28日晚上6点30分左右,天色已暗,杨某下班回家,将奥迪Q5停在小区外。还没走几步,面前出现一个蒙面黑衣人,手里还拿着匕首。   对方长得高大壮实,将杨某逼进车子后排,开始要钱。杨某不敢反抗,拿出钱包,里面有9800多元现金和几张银行卡。   “银行卡密码多少?不要耍滑头。”劫匪厉声说,又用毛巾捂住杨某口鼻,“你不老实,就弄死你。”杨某感觉自己快窒息了,拼命挣扎,一五一十地说了密码,“求求你不要伤害我,你要什么我都给你,我还有孩子和父母要照顾。”   劫匪似乎真被说动,松开手,让杨某开车去ATM机取钱。他要求去乡下偏僻处的ATM机取钱,先后分17次取走5.5万元。   一路上,见杨某配合,劫匪似乎来了倾诉欲望,“我母亲没了,父亲还躺在嘉兴中医院,癌症晚期,做手术需要60万,我也是被逼急了。我也有老婆,我本来也不想(抢劫)的……”   取到钱,车子又开回小区附近。下车前,劫匪提出要给杨某留张借条。他一笔一划写得很认真,落款是“沈国辉”,还附了身份证号,约定在2017年5月1日前还钱,还让杨某签了字。   劫匪说还需要一万元,又拿走杨某另一张银行卡。直到21点40分,劫匪才离开,杨某回家后立即报了警。   警方马上介入调查,很快通过线索,于1月29日23点30分在出租房将劫匪抓获。   嫌疑人姓黄,嘉兴人,31岁,无业,无前科,结婚半年。他所说的一切,其实都是虚构的,那张借条上的信息也是假的。据交代,他是因为做生意借了高利贷,被人天天追债,要过年了都不得安生,才动了抢劫的念头。黄某事先在小区附近踩了几次点,那天看到杨某开高档车,又是一个人,人又长得瘦弱,这才找他下手。   为什么要留借条?“我看他(杨某)态度挺好的,很软弱,我写了借条,他可能就不会报警了。”这个劫匪还挺天真。目前,黄某已被刑拘。相关的主题文章: