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The selection of the world’s most handsome list Luhan Asia first world ninth – Sohu Luhan news recently, the U.S. media named the 2015 of the world’s most handsome faces fresh, "Twilight" series of films starring Robert? Pattinson (Robert Pattinson) won the first prize, "the notebook" starring Ryan Gauss Lin (Ryan Gosling)? "Brokeback Mountain", starring Jack? Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal) and other popular European and American actor also ranked the top ten. It is worth mentioning that the super idol Luhan, as the only top ten Asian stars. The American media official selection list included 100 world super high value Yan Twilight male actor, Robert? Pattinson (Robert Pattinson) 4 years ago, in the twilight of global explosion of red, then because of its high-profile love experience popularity rise, the virtue of its handsome appearance topped. Luhan also ranked ninth, two ranked Asian actor Aaron Yan Wu Yifan, in 27 and 41. In ninth Luhan with a handsome appearance and excellent music works to maintain high popularity in Asia, after Luhan Deluxe Edition album limited edition of 10000, once on-line users in 89 seconds by Yao, recently its concert tickets booking open 32 seconds was looted. Starring Luhan’s director Zhang Yimou film "the Great Wall" and the super popular IP movie "Tomb notes" will be released in 2016.

美国评选全球最帅榜 鹿晗亚洲第一世界第九-搜狐新闻 鹿晗   近日,美国媒体评选的2015全球最帅面孔新鲜出炉,《暮光之城》系列电影主演罗伯特?帕丁森(Robert Pattinson)获评第一名,《恋恋笔记本》主演瑞恩?高斯林(Ryan Gosling)、《断背山》主演杰克?吉伦哈尔(Jake Gyllenhaal)等当红欧美男星也位列前十。值得一提的是,国内超人气偶像鹿晗,成唯一进入前十的亚洲明星。   此次美国媒体官方评选榜单收录全球100名超高颜值男星,暮光男罗伯特?帕丁森(Robert Pattinson)4年前因出演暮光系列全球爆红,而后因其备受瞩目的爱情经历人气走高,此次再凭借其俊朗外形拔得头筹。鹿晗位列第九,另外两名上榜亚洲男星炎亚纶、吴亦凡分列27、41名。位列第九的鹿晗凭借帅气外形及出色的音乐电影作品在亚洲保持超高人气,此前鹿晗豪华版专辑限量10000张,一经上线被网友在89秒内罄尧, 近日其演唱会门票预订开启32秒也便一抢而空。由鹿晗主演的张艺谋导演电影《长城》和超人气IP电影《盗墓笔记》也将于2016年上映。相关的主题文章: