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The Commission on coal price: do not rule out the main part of the market speculation – Sohu news November 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Du Yanfei) in November 9th, the Commission held a press conference, introduced to encourage the signing of long-term contracts, the promotion of coal and related industries sustainable development situation. Development and Reform Commission, said the rapid rise in coal prices do not rule out speculation ingredients, but the current supply of coal fundamentals stable, does not support the irrational rise in coal prices. Coal prices rise too fast, do not rule out speculation ingredients NDRC price department inspector Zhang Manying said that the current coal prices rose too fast, is a long-term and stable relationship between supply and demand in the coal is not changed under the condition of several factors in the short term results. First, coal production fell. With the acceleration of coal production capacity, coal related to illegal production and production capacity has been largely curbed. At the same time, reduction of production measures have been implemented, the coal output of small drop, the emergence of tight supply situation in some areas. Second, the second half of the year, the demand for a recovery. This year from the main basin in the second half of the country dried up 1-3 percent, hydropower generating capacity has declined over the same period, the total electricity consumption appears to stabilize the recovery and increase of thermal power demand, coal consumption increased demand for coal fired units. In addition, in addition to coal thermal power, coupled with the iron and steel, building materials and other coal industry also increased demand in the recovery, so the focus of demand, the tight supply and demand situation. Third, the railway capacity is tight. In recent years, the railway traffic continued to decline, especially a substantial decline in the volume of coal, the railway sector to actively develop other sources of coal transport capacity, including convertible cars are gradually reduced. In addition, the relevant departments began to truck overload, illegal road transport illegal modification to carry out special treatment from August this year, for the renovation of the norms of public transportation in order to protect people’s lives and property safety plays a crucial role. Objectively, but also led to the past by road transport to the railway transport. In the coal demand situation, appeared in the short term railway capacity to adjust the situation, causing some key lines of tense wagon. Fourth, the market is expected to change. In the second half of last year and early this year, the market is expected to decline in coal prices is expected, since July of this year, the market is expected to shift. Since the first half of the power plant of large coal inventory is maintained at a relatively low level, and the second half peak winter, restocking heavier tasks, raised market expectations, short-term demand amplification. Fifth, do not rule out some market players to take the opportunity to speculation and hoarding. At present, coal market operation is not standard, some of the main market contract consciousness is not strong, and some market players took the opportunity to speculation and hoarding, and released some third party service information is not accurate and objective, these are further pushed up the price of coal rose. Stable coal supply does not support coal prices irrational rise of deputy secretary general Xu Kunlin development and Reform Commission pointed out that the current fundamentals of the coal supply is stable, does not support coal prices irrational rise. )相关的主题文章: