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"The assassination game" exposure crisis storm warning behind Mafia really torn – Sohu survival entertainment reality show hidden conspiracy entertainment Sohu is slated for a October 14th release of the 3D sci-fi movie "the assassination game" before the exposure of the "crisis" trailer, Diablo style very mysterious picture, interwoven with lots of suspense repeatedly breathtaking shots, a tight heartstrings. Notice on "is to find out who won’t wake up this morning," the introduction, the exposure of the film in the hidden dangers of the Mafia, whirling plot and intense movement of incoming fragments of blood.     the film side has recently exposed the "crisis" trailer, behind the survival reality show conspiracy let the game become gambling "might not win the task", find hidden in the challenger in the mafia has become a key plot twist. Notice are speed blasting and other large cabin explosion scenes, the contestants subtle psychological warfare is also very exciting. It is reported that, in order to ensure the film shows the most vivid action scenes, and lead the team director Sally Odysseus took weeks time, build the ruins of battlefield at the scene, cabin wreckage large real shot, all the guns are fire bombs as far as possible to achieve true reproduction. The director said, although the assassination game story is based on a virtual competitive games, but the film is definitely the most authentic human nature. In order to make each play as much as possible real shooting, we repeated cost overruns, shooting plan also seriously overdue, but in the end the 3D big screen saw, only with such a strong sense of realism, can not the same as science fiction to the audience". Director of the use of its good double narrative mode, the eleven players will be wonderful to show the fate of entanglements. This is a comparable to the "seven sins" of the game — the plot is everywhere, the relationship between the characters: it is linked closely with the rhythm. "The assassination game" screenwriter Andre Jiafuliluofu has revealed that there are some lines of "seven deadly sins" in his special love: "Hemingway said that the world is a fine place and worth fighting for." "I agree with the second half". Andre said the Jiafuliluofu inspired by this lines in the creation, hope that through the "assassination game" presenting a more wonderful world to the audience. It is reported that the 3D blockbuster sci-fi film "the assassination game" will be landing in theaters nationwide on October 14th.相关的主题文章: