Didn’t lock the door by two men armed with knives robbed the car out of men and women-特命战队go busters

Didn’t lock the door by two men armed with knives robbed the car out and the original title: Nanan men and women on the car when the door is not locked by two men armed with knives robbed a rainy night, a couple qingnanzijin, the door did not lock the play in the park near the "car", only to encounter two targets for criminals, was on the spot take mobile phone and belongings. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that one of the criminals because of a robbery, was sentenced to 2 years in the city court of first instance for 3 years and fined $2000. Gu Mou, 21 years old this year, Sichuan. At the age of 19, he came to Nanan to work, but work. 22:30 on June 13th Xu, Gumou and met in the cafe "thin man (name unknown, handled separately) wandering in the urban area of Chang’an Avenue. The proposal out rob money I can say, anyway, are starving." Gumou confession, two people from Chang’an Avenue and then walk to the riverside park for the goal, but because of the rain, and not many people on the road. 23 PM, two people continue to find the target in the river near the park. At this time, the park a dark, two eyes bright, through the night to find a white car in motion. Gumou and skinny walked up to the car at one or two minutes, found the car or Flash flash. "Do you want to?" One proposal, Gumou answered, out of pocket a folding fruit knife, two people around to the left side of the door, across the glass into the car, a man and a woman naked sex in the back seat of the car, the clothes are put in the front seat. The thought of a car may be rich, thin pull on the cab door, open unexpectedly, slim straight sit in the cab, Gumou will be left after the door open, direct naked man grabbed the neck, a hand swinging folding knife at the man and the woman said, "don’t move, put the money out". In the face of the two gunmen suddenly appeared, the car and scared look ashen, because no clothes all over, they did not dare to move. The skinny man in the front seat to search property, take two mobile phone (worth 1997 yuan) and 150 yuan in cash, then the two left the door ran swiftly, then the car and quickly put on clothes to the police station. After the event, the two will go to a certain Internet cafe Internet, and the sale of the phone to 700 yuan and divided by two. The next day at 16, when a hotel in the South Road to sleep, was arrested by the police. After the city court held that Gu for the purpose of illegal possession, with a knife coercion forced to take the victim’s property, behavior constituted robbery. According to the facts of the case, the circumstances and consequences, combined with the defendant brought to justice after the confession, repentance, the court made the above decision. The judge reminded the couple at night, the best choice not to choose a remote place, in order to avoid accidents. (reporter correspondent Fang Bifen Hong Liyan) source: Nanan daily editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: