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Boss! 160 thousand for me to play V6 self-priming feelings – Sohu said it is self-priming really fascinating, for the smooth with push back stop. Quite a lot of people say that they do not like self absorption, can buy a large self absorption, I do not believe you do not buy! These things play a little time, to spend 150 thousand to take advantage of early V6 wave circle self-priming dream! This car Infiniti G37 is absolutely neglected a car, think that year 09 G37 pure imported invoice price of around 500 thousand, which most people can not play! 3.7L V6 naturally aspirated engine broke out 351 horsepower, 100 km acceleration directly into the second of 6 seconds! There is a saying, the face does not point round the murderous, somewhat dissatisfied! People who do not know may ask, how recently changed a Chery ah… But it’s a tight butt, and it’s quite a favorite! I really want to touch, after all, men are not resistant to the bottom! Now the second-hand car market price of about 160 thousand or so, due to the import of pure original, G37 market holdings less depreciation down to scary! Drive the car out, knowledgeable people, you must be a rich man. Spend 160 thousand of the money loaded with the force of 500 thousand, but also can play with the feelings of self absorption V6! There is no value! But this car can not be met, especially the two door version of the Coupe, the condition is good! If the encounter is received, I met Zaguomaitie also received! Toyoda Eishi than the Infiniti G37 TOYOTA Reiz, fame is big! The cheapest V6 plus rear drive! Out of shape design makes people look very feel, 2.5L V6 only 193 horsepower is not a little sorry audience ah! But no problem, we don’t buy a new car! 10 3.0L V6 engine barely say 227 of the past, the right to get rid of the 160 thousand! Although we play V6 feelings, but always can not spend money to buy a look like goods, power or a little! When the Buick lacrosse and the car I was rejected, but in order to avoid blowing on the title, only a mixed American car came in. But to tell the truth the lacrosse used car maybe too much! Gearbox, oil tiger… But the 12 3.0L V6 engine has a power of 265 horsepower, which is quite a tiger! With 2.0T turbocharged now entirely smooth output with Lacrosse on the outstanding combination of sound and driving quality, it may not be comfortable to explode! Now with the new LaCrosse market, second-hand car market price certainly can fix a lot lower, 160 thousand, duly completed! But if it is not going to pursue the lacrosse 3.0L V6 engine that feelings, or forget, later this car could make you explode! Sum up the feelings with money, go to the used car market lap! Perhaps you will encounter the feelings of V6, and now take advantage of the circle of a V6 dream! Of course, feelings to feelings, buy second-hand cars still have to pay attention to the condition and then start after all, money is not a gust of wind. Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series!相关的主题文章: