11 ways to make money while you sleep 乃々果花

11 kinds of sleep can also earn a lot of money the way according to the Business Insider article, do you still remember "ligunli, Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour" this sentence older people often say. This sentence tells us that we must be careful in debt. Because interest rates will rise day and night. Interest will not sleep, even if the holidays, it should rise or rise. Now I would like to ask you, you can make money when you sleep? You may be wondering, how to earn money when you sleep? In fact, since we live in the era of interest rates, it is easy to sleep can earn money. We describe the bank lying can make money is not because of interest? In fact, there are many ways to make money when sleeping, and not just limited to interest. Below I will give you a few ways: 1, to build their own media platform which is currently the most popular way to increase the extra income. Only need to spend some time to their own media platform (micro-blog, blog, WeChat public) from a name, and then take some time to apply for registration, you can have a self owned media platform. After registration, you need to spend some time on your own media platform to put people interested in something to attract readers to read and share. For example, if you are an accountant, you can send a number of individuals and businesses how to avoid tax article, send some invoices how to open, how to use the article. It is estimated that you will soon have a big fan. As long as what you write is of value to the reader, you are not afraid of no fans. Once your fans are up, you can make money. Build their own platform, I believe there will be a number of advertising initiative to find you. So you can select some of your own media platform with similar positioning to put. This is relatively small for your fans, you can also make money. In addition to advertising, you can also find sponsors. Sponsored by the association of advertising time is relatively long. For example, a month, or a year. There are sponsors to vote for you a year, in this year, even if you sleep can earn money. The most difficult part of this approach is the accumulation of fan stage, this stage is more difficult. 2, to sell their product information if you know everything in one area, you can consider the production information of their own products, this product can be e-books, can also be a video. You can sell these products at the store. However, in the production and sale of these products, you may need to spend some thought. But once the product is finished, you can lie down and make money. 3, earn fame if you are born to be a musician, actor or writer, then you can become famous through your work. In other words, people appreciate your work, but also help you save the fame. If your reputation is not big enough, but also interested in the accumulation of fame, you can consider their own work to improve their reputation. Once you become famous, you can’t make money? 5. There are many kinds of vending machines on the market now, and there are some automatic recovery devices. If you open a store, if you want to make money in 24 hours, you can put a vending machine in front of the store. If it is to sell electronic products, such as e-books,)相关的主题文章: