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September 2016 "science" rumor list: seedless grapes with pill – technology – September 30 Beijing Xinhua (Zhao Zhuqing) September "science" rumor list released today, seedless grapes with contraceptives, subway security after the food not to eat ten "scientific rumor" list. Monthly scientific rumor list "rumor list issued jointly by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Association, joint rumor sites in Beijing platform, Beijing science and Technology Association of reporters and editors, by China Science Writers Association of science and technology communication Specialized Committee, Chinese Science Institute, Shanghai evening news editors and reporters of science and Technology Communication Association support. 1 seedless grapes with the pill rumor: nowadays when the grapes of the season, but recently a video on micro-blog, WeChat a lot of communication, let many people look back grapes". In the video, a man like the fruit while transporting grapes, while shooting and dialogue, said seedless grape is dipped in the pill". Truth: contraceptives only after entering the body can be identified by the identification of the response mechanism, and then adjust the body’s physiological indicators, to achieve the purpose of reducing the effect of pregnancy. The lack of the corresponding receptors and signal pathways in plants, as the animal hormone contraceptives can not be identified and the effect of the plant, it simply can not give birth to the plant". Plant growth regulators commonly known as "plant hormones", and the molecular structure of animal hormones is completely different, the structure of plant cells and animal cells and the protein is also completely different. People can not make use of contraceptives without fruit seeds, plant hormones can not regulate human growth and development. (Wei Yan, commissioning editor Zhao Zhuqing) 10, fish eat the head to eat poison rumor: Recently, some experts said that the head and skin is the most part of mercury accumulation in fish, if you eat fish in these areas, it is to eat the poison! The truth: even if the head is detected, the mercury content in the national standard, the fish can not eat that there is no basis. Even if the mercury content is higher than 20 times the mass of the head, but also within the national standard. The mercury content in the human body is not static, in the case of not eating high mercury food, the human body for mercury poisoning or a certain degree of self-protection or self regulatory ability. No matter in which country or international organization safety standards, the daily intake of residents is an important reference for the development of standards. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the acute lethal dose for adults of methylmercury in about 1 ~ 4G, and our country aquatic products methylmercury was the national standard 0.5mg kg, that is to say to this lethal dose, we again have to eat at least 2000 kilograms in accordance with national standards of aquatic products. Of course, it is not enough to consider only acute toxicity, and the accumulation of chronic toxicity is something we can’t ignore. From the point of view of chronic toxicity, it is necessary to combine the content of pollutants in fish and daily intake of residents to develop standards. (the above content selected from the "people’s Daily", "Guangming Daily", Shanghai rumor platform, "worker’s Daily", "science and life" magazine, surging news, the "Liberation Daily", "Encyclopedia of knowledge", "Shenyang Evening News", this food Bumei WeChat public, etc.) ()相关的主题文章: