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Singapore S.E.A aquarium, who see the fish to see the coral S.E.A aquarium Diving – Sohu Tourism Resorts World Sentosa Singapore is in the top three of the aquarium in Asia, and has a viewing window in the forefront of the world aquarium. This 36 meters long, high altitude of 8.3 meters of the aquarium viewing window is very beautiful, if there is no one around when it is really a good place to take pictures. Here is the most authentic Encyclopedia of marine life, where you can shoot, you can see or even touch. It’s a great experience. No wonder it’s always recommended. Tickets: adults: 34 new coins for children and the elderly: the new maritime museum in the Maritime Museum of New Zealand’s Maritime Silk Road S.E.A in the major travel Raiders in Singapore, but the tour will recommend. Three years ago I went to the door of it, only to be late for five minutes, and missed the last chance to enter. These years have been walking on the road more time, will always leave a long short short regret. These regrets may one day be able to make up, perhaps it is with our life. This time the Singapore revisit, I finally entered here. At present, the marine museum and the Maritime Museum as a whole, all the people who have to go along the layout of the first to go here, to experience the past time in the maritime silk cultural tour. It was the first two of us to show us the very imposing ships. The vessel hung Jing are familiar to us in the text. I guess, this should be the beginning of China’s maritime silk ship. With China’s silk, porcelain, tea and so on to the distant shore. Just as Zhang Qian had opened the Silk Road to the western regions, Nanyang this maritime road long distant. I have always wanted to go for a walk in the road, the books read the text read facts become the real deal. Jing curtain hanging on the text is four Chinese traditional things. We have been through this road to the best things to nanyang. Now I love tea, can one afternoon boil a pot of tea, a cigarette, sitting cross legged, happy and pleased with oneself. Now I love ceramics, because love will go to Jingdezhen to see the streets of china. Will go to the five avenue of Tianjin porcelain house, porcelain fragments is another kind of beauty. And rice wine and silk. Sweet rice wine and silk. In the undersea tunnel, the sunken ship and the shark just entered the sea hall and went through an underwater tunnel. The undersea tunnel seems to be a standard aquarium, regardless of the size of this aquarium regardless of whether there really are these big fish. I have a few years ago I went to the sea world in Nanjing has also been such a way. Because it is an undersea tunnel, so this road blue transparent. One of them, if not around the noisy crowd, it seems that is really a walk in the sea. On the other side of the tunnel is the sinking ship. Of course, this should be done by the old model. But the rotten wood and the old.相关的主题文章: