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Wuhan has the largest business archives 18 banned Zhongshan Avenue yesterday, Changjiang Daily reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, scheduled for December 28th open street Zhongshan Avenue, in line with international famous commercial Avenue, the introduction of the Guiding Catalogue of commercial activities restricted and encouraged catalogue, including small restaurants, cafes, chess room, pseudo mingpin discount 18 kinds of commercial shops are included in the restricted directory, 12 international fashion brands, 10 light luxury brands, 40 domestic fast fashion brands on the list to encourage. Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the main street is the elimination of low-end grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, etc.. The list included in the list of brands including Forever21, TOPSHOP, RebeccaMinkoff, PhillipLim, DianevonFurstenberg is expected to enter the Wuhan market for the first time. As of now, Zhongshan Avenue along the 19 time-honored have been identified will be fully reproduced, including wufangzhai, four seasons beauty etc.. The city is also preparing to build a 1-2 in Zhongshan Avenue near the time-honored gathering area, the introduction of time-honored quantities of not less than 6, the total operating area of 1000 square meters. Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the adjustment of commercial formats is the key to the success of the transformation of Zhongshan avenue. Before the transformation, Zhongshan Avenue commercial sector 65% is a department store, cultural leisure accounted for 14%, accounting for finance and hotels accounted for 3%, accounting for retail food and beverage accounted for more than 18%. After the transformation, the Department was reduced to 30%, accounting for 30% of new light luxury monopoly and enhance the cultural leisure to 20%, accounting for 10%, finance and hotel catering retail 10%. The reporter learned that Zhongshan Avenue upgrading is the city’s largest commercial upgrading in recent years, involving 580 businesses (section), construction area of about 510 thousand square meters. As a long-term and arduous project, to achieve the goal is divided into three stages, a part of the open street opened in December 28th this year before, from 2017 to 2019 and gradually improve the adjustment after the 2019 business gradually in line to the international well-known commercial street. According to the arrangement of Zhongshan Avenue, an important node of key projects, business unit of the new public park, Wangfujing department store, new Jiali Plaza, Yue Hui Plaza, ocean department store and other people familiar with the industry promotion. Wuhan arts and crafts crafts will be the main gold and silver jewelry, Han is the international center will be adjusted for the custom design, distribution center. The cinema will rely on the historical building itself a special screening of shadow play and old movies, also intends to open the characteristics of ballroom dancing hall. Related to the revival of the planning of the Zhongshan Avenue Street won the highest honor in the international academic circles相关的主题文章: