Two-child policy landing a year huge frequency pregnant not too far 姉summer

Two-child policy landing a year "huge" frequency "pregnant" do not overdo two-child policy landing a year, Yangzhou City ushered in a wave of baby small peak. Some children are too large, some people do not live Hold ah. Yangzhou city hospital delivered a baby girl weighing 10.12 pounds, to see the fat girl! The doctor warned, "huge" frequency "pregnant" not too far! November 13th, the reporter in the 5 floor of the hospital obstetrics and gynecology ward, saw the birth of the baby girl, she slept really practical. Baby girl mother Zhou: wake up to eat, not how!" Ms. Zhou is the maternal Lane Hanjiang Yangzhou, 38 years old this year. She said: daughter is a child. Before the birth of his son, eight pounds of weight, but also very strong. But this time pregnant daughter, know the pressure is not the same. The child’s mother Ms. Zhou: "with the head of a didn’t feel this way walk Ceng ceng". The doctor told reporters: 10 noon, Ms. Zhou appeared signs of labor, health care workers will promote the delivery room when she. Unexpectedly, when the baby head out, but because the body is too big, the shoulder is stuck! Gynecologist Liu Guoliang Friendship Hospital: "great upper chest circumference than the fetal head a little difficult Mian shoulder." Once the child dystocia, it may affect the intelligence and physical development, the doctor quickly launched the emergency plan. Eventually, the baby delivered smoothly. A weighing, weighing 10 pounds 1 two 2 yuan! Doctor: more than 5 pounds of newborn weight standards, more than 10 pounds is a huge child". Over the years, the newborn head tends to be large, some have affected the normal production of pregnant women, must pay attention to. Ms. Zhou admitted that she had a more than and 30 kg weight during pregnancy, may usually be too good nutrition.相关的主题文章: