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"-" Chinese parents lead resonance William Feng alone king _42 > – > responsibility; > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news media produced by Yao off, William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Zhang Meng, Medina, Kim Hee Sun starred in the TV drama "City of fantasy" is every Wednesday, Thursday Hunan satellite TV in late 22:00. Just two weeks, played by Victoria Song, played by Ma Tianyu pear drop Yingkong Shi and Medina of Sang Lan have died, leaving William Feng’s castle alone is struggling to restore a history of the most lonely king in the original "". With the hidden lotus secret gradually opened, the original is the most thrilling and exciting Castle teams magic snow mountain journey is about to open. Gong Beibi staged a tear tearful Mother Love "-" to change the family education debate this week in the plot, Gong Beibi played ice with Lian Ji (Kim Hee Sun ornaments) launched a desperate struggle, in a strong Yuan Festival (Yan Yikuan) and Lian Ji fit the battle went away quietly, and lost a caring Castle their loved ones. Since the "city of fantasy" has been broadcast Lianji and ice after two different character of the mother also reflects the modern "tiger mother" and "mother cat" phenomenon. Lianji strong, hard, in order to let his son Yingkong Shi King step by step, hopeful mood let her Sakura empty release of love a life to worry about personal gains and losses, Sakura empty release of deception and too much to do wrong to rise head and shoulders above others in a certain extent, also caused the Sakura empty release of ice after the tragedy; gentle and considerate "well, the child is really good" lets CaSO become a gentle warm man. But the glory of motherhood allows them to sacrifice everything for their children. Many netizens said, children, parents are the continuation of life, but also a continuation of the parents’ personality, his indisputable rob may come from the ice after it, can also understand Lianji hopeful mood, many parents are like this, but Lianji do too extreme ". In addition to ice and Lianji, "-" the other elders also showed different "ecological parents": Although the ice king love their children, but a king, a master in his children’s problems in front of more Chinese father strong; fire for their children to almost harsh harsh however, the rule of three desire prevailed, children will become aggressive ambition tools played by Cheng Peipei; her mother-in-law is perfect to restore the original kind. Although the "-" a deep western magic color, but the expression of emotion and parental education patterns fit the local characteristics of Chinese emotional, loving father and faithful son is one of the reasons caused the audience. William Feng king to open hanging road is about to unlock the magic of snow mountain figure new password "I want to live, with the release of power for three peace, love the one left, the ancient gods Yuan Festival once again brought three panic, crisis king card" in the castle to wear the crown must bear the weight, when he decided to pull with Huang Ya magic robe, handsome and dashing man show responsibility charm. The figures from the first appearance since, was the abolition of fire power, then demon possessed, unable to protect the beloved people can only see them silently leave, wanted to make a king but decided he no idle situation.相关的主题文章: