Interview with Zhang Hanyu want to pick up the film, do not want to play silver case – Sohu Entertai 姉summer

Interview with Zhang Hanyu: want to take art film, don’t want to play the silver case – Sohu   entertainment; Zhang Hanyu played just   on high "Mekong River action";   Sohu entertainment news (SAM month Wen Li Nan video flood map) September 30th, according to the release of the gangster film "a true story of the Mekong River action". This is the first line of China performance of anti narcotics police arrest criminals outside the film on the screen, often stay steady, positive guy Zhang Hanyu became a film actor who played high rigidity, he created an upright, decisive, bold and crafty policemen. This is the devil director Lin Chaoxian’s works, no substitute, no wire, real battle. Not an actor Zhang Hanyu this action, 6 months in the Southeast Asian countries of the shooting, he experienced the heat, physical action and so on performance test, the day night filming, fitness, two used a very old word to describe this experience: to overcome the hell. As a look at the anti fascist movie grew up, from the first grade primary school carrying a small backpack away for life pure menfolk, off screen Zhang Hanyu is not exactly a rough man, witty, funny, answer the question is also very patient. He simply and readily express their likes and dislikes, with some understanding of the news, he said he was on the silver case to the film adaptation of no interest; he is also seen a dog walk, he raised several mighty big dogs, like a movie actor or see dogs; he will share their movies with her daughter, but not into too much narcissism to exchange their own movies; he will be in front of the camera when asked what the directors gave him play a literary piece, how can we see him a literary youth heart.   Zhang Hanyu called for filming bodybuilding. Melee combat? Anyway, I will point ": this film is entertainment Sohu are all real shot, no substitute, no hanging wire, very hard. How long did it take? Zhang Hanyu: took more than 6 months. After a lot of countries, Malaysia, Thailand, Yunnan, Beijing, many places are all real, real shot. At that time a lot of difficult to shoot the scene, I asked the director, I say this again shall we go back to Beijing to find a piece of cloth, green solution. The director is not dry, he said all is real, so take it slow. We sometimes wait a long time for a king, because you have to go with the people of the country to coordinate the scene, are taken abroad, it is very difficult. Sohu Entertainment: you are not actually an action actor. Your heart was not playing the drums? Feel this… Zhang Hanyu: Yes, this is the biggest problem I need is how to overcome the melee, because before I had learned, I didn’t have the training, so as to overcome, to practice, try to practice. We at the time of the shooting, in addition to filming today as long as you do not shoot, or do you have time to rest, usually practice in boxing, sometimes at night, do not practice, we spent in the gym, I told Eddie guys at the gym. Because you have to train your body.相关的主题文章: