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GeTian was ex boyfriend behind: she is a good girl, don’t be too nurturing GeTian recently, Liu Xiang’s ex-wife GeTian and current Wu Sha in the online propaganda, the smell of gunpowder, the relationship between three people and was blown out of the water, again. Today (2) morning, Ge day was ex boyfriend in micro-blog behind. He said Ge day is not a material girl, also said: "she is not being nurturing, love passion." Micro-blog Original: Ge day, I have the right to speak, her condition itself is good, it will be together, Benz SUV to meet me, I feel I was nurturing, she is not to be nurturing, love passion, before I venture is a grass root, no money, no house, only a fun heart, some girls think I have no money, went to the villa car to get married. Ge days will not, do not value the material, to find a few boyfriends are no money, and I also know, are good, or handsome will hurt people, I am not two. As for me to buy a super diamond ring to marry him is false, she is itself a diamond ring, a car and a house, do not need anyone to see her being attacked and nurturing, today also feel helpless, say a few words, I hope her. The present era, the Internet users do not believe in your side, like the dark corner of the dark. In fact, I can not talk about how to talk, I have self-knowledge, but a lot of my friends want me to come out to tell the truth, to avoid more rumors. I have no contact with Ge Tian San, the phone WeChat also have no, just think she’s one of the good guys, everything has passed, her ex husband Liu Xiang is a star, is not good to do. Micro-blog reports screenshot: bus cosmetic is nurturing… Liu Xiang tore out many Jiuai new love mutual Mengliao time: November 2016 – 01 day source: Phoenix gossip WeChat public art comes from life, but higher than life – "family ethics drama shooting guide" today, Liu Xiang’s ex-wife GeTian once again boarded the hot search front as the family ethics drama "Liu Xiang" of the old and new love loyal audience. Little sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) has been finished before the first season after season, tells the story of Liu Xiang and Ge day to their ears as pirates of the bell jingle of the potential flash marriage subsequently, GeTian friends broke the news had plastic surgery, to be nurturing, love chaos second season media broke the news two people feeling cold, long separated, two people rushed the printing of the two marriage divorce rumors GeTian in There were many discussions. That forced the third quarter pseudopregnant Liu Xiang and his former girlfriend Wu Sha, two people happy, come to fruition Four all star on the knife, saw Liu Xiang and dad past chats, Liu Fu denounced Wu Shakespeare had advised his son to stop cheating. Red crown anger as a red! We love Liu Xiang domineering to protect his wife, at the paparazzi series material. This season there are a lot of wonderful story, such as GE days to break the Japanese oratorio scale "crotch hidden mine", Liu Xiang show self flying woman, is not a repeat… My little sister… (WeChat public number: entifengvip) RIO has been the position of some curious ah, Liu Xiang is the main male status that cannot be shaken, but GeTian and Wu Sha who is the female one? Think of the stars in the recent years.相关的主题文章: