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Huang Xiaoming came out in 9.9 refused to drunk driving on "    propaganda: eliminate drunk driving tragedy – public –     September 9th," refused to drunk driving, happy home "– the 2016 annual" 9.9 refused to drunk driving day "campaign was officially launched in Beijing. At the launching ceremony, the organizers issued 2015-2016 drunk driving situation report, and hired a well-known actor Huang Xiaoming refused to drink driving ambassador. With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up and the sustainable development of economy and society, the road transportation industry has developed rapidly. At the end of June 2016, the vehicle population reached 285 million, the motor vehicle driver up to 342 million people, of which 184 million cars, driving 296 million people, China has entered a new stage of auto society. But in the era of automobile enjoy fast and convenient at the same time, we should also pay attention to the development of the whole society, the concept of traffic safety and traffic civilization consciousness and the road transportation also does not adapt, driving behavior and traffic habits civilization is still relatively common, including drunk driving problems still exist, the construction safety and smoothness the traffic environment is also a long way to go. The road traffic safety association Chinese Secretary General Wang Jing in the ceremony said: drunk driving as a kind of traffic habits and illegal behavior, is a serious problem of China’s road traffic safety hazards. Each year due to drunk driving accidents and the number of deaths is still a small number of people, often need to grasp the work of wine driving. To give full play to the power of the rule of law, science and technology, ethics, society and the media. Only we work together, the formation of the whole society to grasp the common management, common boycott situation, drunk driving traffic violations in order to effectively govern, drunk driving traffic accidents can be effectively controlled. He hoped that through the 9.9 refused to drunk driving on this distinctive, influential, public campaign spread, multi-channel, full spread of drunk driving prevention knowledge, and awareness, to build a harmonious and civilized city traffic, beautiful China, positive transfer positive energy to civilization. Broadcast film and Television Society executive vice president of the Federation of traffic Publicity Committee Tong Ning introduction, today is the traffic and road traffic safety publicity committee China Association jointly organized the second 9.9 day refused to drunk driving. In order to practice the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, as the television news media have the obligation to be responsible, on the 9.9 refused to drink driving to the whole society to initiate a consensus, to form a joint force. Therefore, the number of traffic TV media, the traffic control department and other social forces, the formation of the normalized union refused to drunk driving, drunk driving prevention, guarantee every citizen home safely. From this charity released "2015-2016 report" drunk driving situation, we can see that although the annual number and dealt with drunk driving for drunk driving, drunk driving accidents, were decreased, but the number of vehicles has been high, with the increase of economic level, social entertainment, travel and other social activities. Drunk driving is always in high voltage line harm. To this end, the government departments, dozens of cities across the country相关的主题文章: