Scotland castle is a replica of the original 20 genuine Rafael 嘿嘿taxi

Scotland castle is a replica of the original 20 genuine Rafael original title: Scotland Castle 20 copies were identified as Rafael authentic British art historian Grosvenor Abel in Scotland Scotland Ding County HaddoHouse, Mary found a painting in 1505 to 1510 between the portrait of Maria, after cleaning up the identification of genuine Rafael. This painting is a copy that was thought to be out of the hand of Mora De, was worth 20 pounds, and now the valuation of $26 million. The paintings currently on display at the castle. "The virgin Maria portrait" for these artists, their works exhibited annually in galleries and museums around the world, is our lifelong learning and admiration of the object. However, sometimes from their life experience, it is a bit from the doings, and the ordinary people have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. 1, Rafael, died of sex? Rafael · Giovanni · Santee (1483 – 1520), Italy is also a famous painter, "renaissance after three" the youngest one, on behalf of the Renaissance artists engaged in the beauty of ideal career can reach the peak. He created a large number of Madonna, works reflect the peace, harmony, harmony, symmetry and perfect and quiet order. Rafael first called the master when he was only 15 years old, admittedly, life only lasts for a few decades, has been quite good. He died at age 37, the cause of death may have a fever or biographer Vasari called "excessive", through his paintings left in secret and some 00 pieces of records, people in trying to figure out what happened to him. The artist has a lover named Margaret · Liuti, aka fuerna Rui Na, people often use this woman with Rafael’s untimely death together. There was a rumor that Rafael loved her so much that she would not be able to finish the work if she were a little further away from him. In the process of cleaning up a portrait of Rafael, she found a secret thing, according to the findings, it was thought that Rafael might be in a dilemma. In 1520, Rafael painted a portrait of her naked, it seems to have firmly established the relationship between two people. In the picture, her arms tied with ribbon, write the name of Rafael. But this picture is clean, it was discovered that she is wearing a ring that looks quite expensive, with a square cut ruby, which is far from being a homeowner’s daughter or bread a socialite usually wear something. The ring was deliberately concealed for some purpose until 500 years later. Now, it is thought that the two men are actually engaged, but the problem is that Rafael is also engaged to another person. He is said to have been postponed and the name of Maria · Beebe (Maria Bibbiena) Yinna woman’s wedding, but she is just the bishop, Rafael’s patron, niece. No matter what can defeat Rafael, but left the newspaper in order to fuerna Rui Na相关的主题文章: