Yalin Gao burst Mengliao Zhang Yishan love to show no understanding of ABS further cooperation 驯龙高手dm456

Yalin Gao burst Mengliao Zhang Yishan love to show your abs to cooperation "no understanding Tencent entertainment news following the" national husband Zhang Yishan live up sister circle powder, "the National Father" Yalin Gao (micro-blog) also opened a live debut! 3 points in the afternoon of September 29th, Yalin Gao appeared on the sitcom "families with children" a live interactive program derived "King Xunshan", the scene teaching anchors Home Dishes do, admit being "aunt Wang Lin" Snow "surprise", and then continued his son Tucao margin of Zhang Yishan did not play with the tacit understanding, netizen interactive sweepstakes game. It is understood that the broadcast attracted more than 500 thousand users to watch the interaction, the highest number of simultaneous online viewing exceeded 250 thousand. "Summer East China Sea" can do dark dish only? Life in cooking did not have to say in the audience’s impression, "families with children" in father Xia Donghai is one of the "dark cuisine" best spokesperson, make dinner unpalatable to the Liu Xingsan siblings turned and ran, but also clumsy-handed get messy kitchen let mother Liu Mei was furious. But in the real life of Yalin Gao love all kinds of food, but also with the opposite of Xia Donghai, is a new good man under the kitchen. "King Yalin Gao" airborne Ranger shows what is called "the most handsome man in the kitchen" in the broadcast: not only help customers cook innovation Home Dishes – fried tomato and egg, show Britain spoon of this difficult action; don’t forget to prompt users to cook "wok cool oil" "little oil less salt" and "two" put garlic "tomato sauce flavor" purse teach exclusive kitchen tips. Taste Yalin Gao craft beautiful anchor praising its cooking, netizens also issued a large barrage of urgency want early adopters of the expression. Admit by Wang Lin’s "surprise" cooking first cooperation but grok has long learned that he was friends known as the "Chef", Yalin Gao is very modest. He broke the news in the broadcast snow aunt "Wang Lincai is really in the cast chef, not only a knife, fire, set everything out, with each faction will reward every soup delicacy, the crew, and her own as compared to primary and Hua than math". Wang Lin virtuous also let Yalin Gao stop sigh "she is my only surprise actress". But when asked whether CP is not the first time Wang Lin and group adaptation, Yalin Gao said, he read a lot of Wang Lin starred in the TV drama and reality before, and she has long grok, although it is the first time cooperation is not strange. Tucao and Zhang Yishan did not understand the whole family to gather again, it is possible to speak of son Zhang Yishan, Yalin Gao can not help but live in the Tucao can not find the year of the tacit understanding, so that the anchor and friends surprised. Originally, 12 years ago, Zhang Yishan was a little baby, Yalin Gao can also pinch ears even picked up to play, but now Zhang Yishan has grown into bigboys a strong abdominal muscles all right, but also in the cast of "Dad" Yalin Gao show muscle scare. Seemingly Tucao reality love words, let users feel again to two ten years of deep love between father and son. For users are very concerned about Song Dandan and Yang Zi starred in the early growth of the problem, Yalin Gao announced the official answer in the broadcast – everything is possible". He said, although Yang Zi, Song Dandan cannot return to star, but in the "family" in the beginning to grow up.相关的主题文章: