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The film "rolled up" overseas Chinese class "Chinese wind" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing November 1st New Media News Title: "Chinese film" rolled up "overseas Chinese wind" Xinhua "China Internet" reporter "China film is only a short while ago, Kung Fu" in mind for foreigners into thinking, "Bruce Lee" and "Jackie Chan" the film is Chinese keywords. Today, the "China TV drama sea in both species, or the theme is" men and women, old and young take all "; cinema, television, network, film festival…… Chinese film and television drama, "industrialization of the sea," the N dimension of progress; the Pacific coast, the Atlantic, Africa, Southeast Asia hinterland…… The film "overseas Chinese class" circle of powder into the 7 era, highlighting the cultural influence of Chinese. "Costume Kung Fu" and "modern tidal range of children," Ode to joy "the second season is busy shooting, 5 beautiful female star in the Sun online box with photos, as far away as Hanoi Vietnamese girl a silver said excitedly told reporters:" 2 "Ode to joy" and finally started, hoping to quickly see. This drama is really nice!" For silver, the Chinese TV series "happy song" is attractive, not only lies in the wonderful drama and actor’s performance, but also that it shows the Chinese side of fashion. "Do you really dress like that at work? Can you tell me where the clothes are bought?" A reference to the "Ode to joy", a silver told reporters on a variety of issues. Although already finished chasing this drama, but she will find the time to enjoy the drama series. "One line is very interesting, relaxing, and I can also learn some chinese." She said. The breakdown of those out of the country’s television drama, both action film "the Mekong River action" in the film, there are "mountains and rivers" old literary film; with fantasy "records" also catch demon, social realism "dear"; a crime drama "intruder", also has a thriller "day fireworks"…… TV drama, costume drama "is also Nirvana in Fire", "Palace douju Zhen?"; urban emotional drama "separation", also has a "family ethics drama beautiful daughter age"; reflect the doctor’s China "young doctor", but also about the China education "tiger mother cat dad"…… These "sea" drama has ancient costume, but also "tide fan children". The 34 year old Vietnamese businessman Li Deying told reporters that he began to see the "Ode to joy" because the girls are very beautiful, "the more, the more I love this drama, I also advised his wife together, then we discuss the plot and characters." "Chinese" into the European market faster than expected. Held in Milan this year, the first Italy Chinese Film Festival, when asked China who love film and television actor, a 30 year old woman in Italy on the familiar to say Chinese popular actor "Wallace Huo" name, so many amazing audience. A netizen, a modern and pluralistic Chinese from TV drama slowly towards the world, the film "flow" is becoming an important channel for the building of national image. "Offline" and "online" traditional movies and online dramas "sun"相关的主题文章: