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A man in Yancheng slapped his mouth forced begging for a fool with "brother" net mouth and "red" in Yancheng, he used his own fan mouth way forced begging. After several days of investigation, the morning of September 20th, the Yancheng Pavilion Lake police organization police to arrest Caesar mouth brother ", and in the vicinity of the YanCheng Railway Station will once again to the crime" and mouth brother arrested. According to reports, the early years "and brother mouth" in general on the bus, the bus station waiting hall begging, see women with children, he slapped his approach, the child was scared to cry, forcing women to pay. In recent years, "Samuel mouth brother" will intercept the wedding wedding car, opened the door of the shop, plugging in a vehicle stopped in the gas station, while fanning the mouth side to the money, not less. Sprinkle mouth ‘by the way brother mouth forced begging, public disgust and frustration, the Internet is a "cry" sound. The alarm is the order. Yancheng City Lake Lake public security attaches great importance to this case, the police quickly organized investigation. After several days of forensic investigation, will eventually again to the crime "and mouth brother arrested. Currently, the case is still under investigation. Yancheng police remind: public security organs will crack down on such illegal begging behavior, safeguard the people’s peaceful and peaceful living environment. In addition, encountered such illegal begging behavior, to promptly call 110. Load in…相关的主题文章: