To do a card trick prostitute online Anyang man embarrassed cheated 音羽かなで

To do a card trick prostitute online Anyang man "embarrassed" cheated Washington online miss door-to-door service, most is a lie! But the Internet to find a young lady had to do card, you heard? Yesterday, the public Liu received such a call, claiming that as long as the membership card to become a member, you can enjoy a variety of pornographic services provided by the company. Mr. Liu for gospel truth charge 3000 yuan for a so-called membership card, but even the lady didn’t see the shadow. "I do card cheated!" On the same day, the public Mr. Liu said in the vicinity of the red flag police cheated. After the alarm, the Municipal Public Security Bureau North Branch traffic police patrol brigade rushed to the scene to understand the situation. The police rushed to the scene, Mr. Liu said only the membership card fraud, and when the police asked Mr. Liu to do what is the membership card, Mr. Liu is zhizhiwuwu. "It is embarrassing!" Under police questioning, Mr. Liu revealed the truth. Mr. Liu said, the day he received a strange phone call, a woman claiming to be on the phone is "imperial Recreation Club" staff, can provide door-to-door service porn. "18 years old to the age of 24 years, our company has a different package price is different, as long as it is our members, we can make a phone call to the home service for you." Hear here, Mr. Liu was some heart, Mangwen membership card how to handle, the other said only need to recharge 3000 yuan in cash to become a gold member, after successful recharge can immediately enjoy the service, the cost is deducted from the card. Mr. Liu, in accordance with the other requirements for gospel truth turned 3000 yuan immediately made contact with each other on the phone, ask what time can provide door-to-door service. The other said I need to pay 2000 yuan deposit to see miss." Liu said that at this time he was aware of the possibility of fraud, it was reported to the police. Currently, the police have accepted the case. (Anyang Evening News)相关的主题文章: