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"Remodeling" the social status of rural teachers is the fulcrum of education in our country more than 330 rural teachers, they live in conditions of very difficult place, struggling in the first line of the rural education, they devote their youth to the Chinese rural education industry, they shoulder the dissemination of knowledge, reshaping rural the fate of the burden, to change the fate of the children in the face of the country, the treatment of rural teachers and poor working environment, low occupation, low satisfaction, heavy workload, social interaction, social security is low, lack of spare time, psychological pressure, fewer opportunities for promotion, lose more and more respected status and other difficulties, among them some excellent talents have to consider "left" or "upward mobility". The marginalization of rural teachers is becoming more and more prominent, and even has seriously affected the development of basic education in China, and the problem of the status of rural teachers is of great concern to the society. The foundation of China is in the countryside, the hope of the countryside is education, and the key of education is teachers. To improve the social status of the 3 million 300 thousand rural teachers is the key and difficult point of the education to help the poor. It is the key factor to promote the educational equity, and the fulcrum of the construction of the rural teachers. How to improve the status of rural teachers? I think, first of all, the rural teachers for a long time and local environment and rural social interdependence, they have abundant knowledge and local culture, is very clear on the development situation of rural children, farmers need to what kind of education is quite clear, all these constitute the rural teachers’ professional development advantage. So, we need to strengthen the integration of rural teachers’ professional knowledge and knowledge of rural culture, and then construct with special knowledge and ability to promote the rural development system; secondly, rural teachers need by professional teachers to research teachers, need to pay close attention to and study the growth and development of rural children, become their spiritual mentor and their education third, the right spokesperson; interaction between the reconstruction of rural teachers and rural communities and local government. Simply speaking, let more capable rural intellectuals, for the countryside planning some construction matters, especially rural school construction and development, which helps to improve the rural teachers’ identity and status of the sense of existence; fourth, the introduction of modern technology, the development of rural economy, new rural construction, improving the hardware environment of rural schools, and effectively improve the rural the treatment of teachers, so teachers’ status is reshaping rural rationality. The "plan to support rural teachers (2015-2020 years)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") out of the previous mode of thinking, provides a new choice, "the establishment of rural teachers honor system, in order to improve the treatment of the spirit of support, in the first selection, promotion, evaluation and other aspects of performance appraisal to rural tilt" the teacher, behind this has emphasized the rural civilization and harmonious living environment concept, it emphasizes not only the material treatment, more radiation is spiritual. This makes the reconstruction of the status of rural teachers has a symbolic. The plan is also clear, we should do a good job to improve the living conditions of rural teachers, unified urban and rural standards for the preparation of 8 aspects of staff. Among them, the emphasis on the establishment of rural teachers honor system, the state of rural schools in the teaching of teachers from more than 30 years in accordance with the relevant provisions of the honorary certificate issued相关的主题文章: