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Metro line three station is equipped with the design of the 31 straight ladder is superior to line one or two Xi’an metro line three station vertical elevator distribution details. Western network (reporter Yan Shanyu) is about to open in early 11, Xi’an Metro Line No. 3 recently announced the specific distribution of the vertical elevator and disabled channels of the 26 stations. In addition to central station for Ba yet opened, the stations are currently at different entrance is provided with a vertical lift for passengers. According to the announcement of the Metro Line 3 vertical lift and disabled access distribution can be seen in the table, the 26 stations in the central station yet opened Ba are equipped with vertical elevator, the door, Wu Zhuang Yanping, international port district, double walled, new building and the bonded area has two vertical lift station. In Tonghua, Xianning Road, respectively, set up a disabled person to facilitate people to take the subway ride. It is understood that, compared with line one or two, line three sets of vertical straight ladder more disabled ladder has been reduced. According to the Xi’an subway staff, from the No. one or two line traction use ladder disabled, disabled ladder more frequently, "the disabled need to collaborate with the Metro staff ladder traction, and ladder himself to complete, so in the three line, we are equipped with a straight ladder into the station hall in each the site, from the station hall layer to ladder platform layer is better than one or two lines to." Note: video only for extended reading. Xi’an metro line three opened soon aerial eyes bring you a taste of a different perspective相关的主题文章: