4 cm long stone was finally taken out completely 残清1864

4 cm long stone was finally removed the "punch stone 4 cm long stone was finally removed in October 25th, Wang Qiang once again because of stones was admitted to the Sichuan lithiasis hospital, this time, his stone had grown to 4, with a total length of about 4 cm. Because of an open stone surgery, the formation of scar, not suitable for reoperation. But even more advanced fiber lithotripsy, in the complex structure of the horseshoe kidney to find out the gravel and the difficulty is also large. "In the final evaluation, we intend to use a percutaneous nephrolithotomy, which is commonly known as the" drilling stone. "." Sichuan two hospital doctors urinary calculi Xu Zhuo said, from the kidney puncture to find stones, gravel removed, the risk of this type of surgery is not small, due to renal structural abnormalities, not easy to identify the puncture channel, once the injury to the arteries, it is easy to cause bleeding, endanger life. To this end, under normal circumstances, only 2 hours of surgery, a full cost of 4 hours. "Not only to avoid the scar before surgery, but also to avoid the artery." Xu Zhuo said, Wang Qiang was stone toss for 10 years, the urgent need to completely clean stone. The high risk of relapse in abnormal structure, he also liked the Stewed Tofu with Spinach successfully complete removal of kidney stones, but the potential risk of recurrence cause kidney complex still can not be underestimated. To this end, the hospital made a composition analysis of Wang Qiang’s calculus, to determine its calcium oxalate and carbonate apatite mixed stones, tied up a restricted food report. Wang Qiang pointed to the list, the list is the most favorite, such as spinach, tofu. "I’m not allowed to eat hot pot." Wang Qiang is a bit helpless, I do a little business, friends are generally about love to eat Hot pot is exactly the place of work, a night market, almost a few blocks near their Hot pot eat a lot of food to eat the most love. The report listed in the hospital, in addition to diet rich in oxalic acid of amaranth, spinach, mango and other fruits and vegetables, tea, chocolate, nuts, and food restricted high salt and high protein food. "Before the doctor also reminded, but did not pay attention to." Wang Qiang said that when he was young, he wanted to be simple, the pain is not the time to think of the total length of the left kidney stones removed, and now know, or should pay more attention to eating habits, can no longer be capricious. Chengdu Chinese commercial news client reporter Yu Zunsu photo reporter Liu Haiyun相关的主题文章: