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6 Wanda cinema will be screened 120 version of "Billy Lynn" frame "Billy Lynn" 6 Wanda cinema will be screened 120 frames of "Billy Lynn" version of Sina entertainment – a landmark film! "Billy’s midfield battle" – the best director of the film, Ang Lee’s challenge to the limits of the technical innovation of the film, will be released in in the United States synchronized in North America in November 11th. The 120 frames of the film revolution, which will open up the film, will refresh the audience’s audio-visual experience, at the same time, it also puts forward a new proposition for the movie screen projection technology. As the industry leader in projection technology, Wanda cinema has "Billy Lynn’s midfield war" ready "stage": according to incomplete statistics, the country will have at least 212 Wanda cinema, 1458 / 60 "Billy Lynn show frame midfield war", the 120 version will show 6 frames Dolby, Wanda cinema, providing more authentic fans of Ang Lee new audio-visual. According to media reports, currently has 9 cinemas can enjoy 120 frames of "Billy Lynn’s war" in which Wanda studios midfielder, accounted for 6, respectively is the Dalian peace ona Wanda Dolby theater, Chongqing Nanping Wanda Wanda Dolby Dolby theater, Ji’nan Shimao cinema, Wanda cinema, Nanjing Changchun Syed Dolby Jiangning Sun City, Wanda Dolby and Wanda cinema theater Changsha cre Dolby (November 15th opening). In addition, Wanda cinema’s half of the movie hall show support frame 60 version of the "Billy Lynn midfield war" covering 128 City, country, the vast majority of fans will have the opportunity to see in the cinema showing the unique visual impact and high frame rate standard brings. Adhering to the "everything to the viewing value and viewing experience as the core" business philosophy to the audience, Wanda cinema has never slowed down to explore and put the latest projection technology pace. According to the person in charge of Wanda cinema, Wanda cinema in the early three or four began to pay attention to the high frame rate of this trend years ago, and began work related technical reserves, has played 60 frame film Wanda studios built in the time of most conditions. The announcement that there are six theaters to support the release of 120 frames, then this year, Wanda and Dolby laboratory cooperation will be the first of its kind in the theater of the introduction of the first projection technology in Asia, Dolby. "Billy Lynn’s midfield war" when released, Wanda Dolby theater in Dolby horizon laser projection system 1 million: 1 based ultra high contrast 14Fl, 3D brightness and wider color gamut and panoramic sound the sound of Dolby smart, will also provide full support for 120 frames. 120 frames for the audience, is a new concept, which means that in the next 1 seconds to show a total of 120 paintings. The first experience of the 120 frame "Billy’s midfield war," the style of the media, said: "the audience will instantly pull into the movie frame 120, bullets and fireworks all flew out of the screen 3D……" "With a documentary like real audio and visual effects, like an actor standing in front of you to perform." From the birth of the sound film to the present century, the film screening technology has been upgrading and transformation. From mono to stereo to 5.1 channel相关的主题文章: