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Liu Yan dresses outline exquisite curve met two boys "jealousy" Tencent entertainment news the day before, Liu Yan appeared in Chongqing Sichuan foreign language university propaganda film. She Zhaqi neat ponytail, wearing a tight black skirt shoulder straps, outline the graceful curve. Liu Yan opens the film "passing from your world" the first campus activities, as in the movie "swallow" campus Belle, Liu Yan dressed in a black Strapless lively nifty shirt + skirt tassel tassel shape, appeared together Sichuan campus and fiction author Zhang Jiajia, easy interaction with the students, open the black mode old driver, self deprecating, and talked about his view of love, even the boys live "jealousy" grab the photo, Liu Yan easily resolve the embarrassing activities of the atmosphere is very warm and happy, Liu Yan also made the students praised "kind", "goddess". By night to night flight back to Hengdian filming, Liu Yan in order not to let the students disappointed, active in advance, have more time to play with the students present interaction into a ponytail wearing fashionable skirt Su Liu Yan, lively sunshine, attracted students shouted "you live forever eighteen years old"! Liu Yan after the game also turned from black Tucao mode, after interaction with female students, female students talked about love because the experience of being Tucao old driver, host Liu Yan immediately stand out to protect the female students shouted "don’t say a little girl, I was the old driver, amused the audience laugh, then she also chat my view of love," good love must be one plus one is greater than two, two people together to support each other, better." Liu Yan also generous invited my classmates photo, live more two male students also rushed to, in order to photo opportunity, this "Duel" interesting "jealousy" also attracted Liu Yan shouted cute, pleased with the two people have to take pictures, photo in the boys want to hug the shoulder when it is easy to ridicule "hands don’t touch oh". Liu Yan’s cordial and humorous won the love of the students, the scene has been cheering again and again, warm atmosphere. The movie "passing from your world" set file on September 29th, this is the first film promotion campus, Liu Yan and Zhang Jiajia also lay a good start for the subsequent campaign, Liu Yan played a "swallow" and Yue Yun will be playing the role of "Peng PigHead" takes on a different love story, for the audience in the movie and it is reported that on the night of Liu Yan back to Hengdian, put a big drama IP "back to the Ming Dynasty when filming in Yangling Wangyeh biography" in her beauty "as a double Qiyun day ago also exposed the role of makeup and costume scenes photos, glamorous, anticipated. Liu Yan black skirt at small dew shoulder fans signed photo resist相关的主题文章: