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5566 confirmation will award Wang Renfu 5566 to determine the active slimming fit fit Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported 5566 confirmed Jinzhongjiang together! Although previously leaked news refers to the 5566 in October 8th fifty-first annual award show fit, but has been unable to confirm. Today, the Golden Bell Award organizers made television yesterday (21 days) revealed a "completely fit in" special entertainment, Wang Renfu [micro-blog] with Xu Mengzhe’s agent also confirmed that two people will attend the award, Wang Renfu said more fit for a is actively slimming. The most popular group since 2008 5566 after the dissolution, fit the rumors, the original last year will hold a concert, let the fans eagerly look forward to, but later failed to achieve Sam Wang league schedule problems. 5566 in the year award fit performance, is the second in 2014 will fit after the first show on May day concert, also let a lot of fans quite looking forward to. In addition, Wang Renfu in recent months to actively slim, original 77 kg for his "presents 5566 most primitive spirit and appearance, the daily morning run 10 kilometers, swim 2 thousand meters, the diet of starch and avoid fried, only 1 months has lost 6 kilograms. Brokers said, Wang Renfu in order to best fit, the goal is to reduce 10 kg, hoping to reach the goal in the last two weeks time.相关的主题文章: