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Weight-Loss A minimally invasive kind of bariatric surgery that is gaining in popularity for people who possess a body mass index of 40 or more is lap band surgery San Antonio. It utilizes a bariatric surgical procedure that utilizes smaller incisions compared to standard surgical procedures. The smaller incisions used in this procedure, which is also known as laparoscopic band surgery, suggest that there is a lot less hemorrhaging, reduced discomfort and the patient is able to recuperate in a shorter time. For those who have an interest in lap band surgery San Antonio, Texas, has a number of surgeons who can offer this treatment. To allow the doctor to see what he is working on in laparoscopic band surgery, a laparoscope which contains a very small video camera is inserted through the cut and the images can be viewed on a television monitor. An important benefit of laproscopic band surgery in comparison with gastric bypass surgical treatment and sleeve gastrectomy is that there is less chance of malnutrition and the adjustments made to the stomach are not permanent and consequently reversible. The band that is applied in laparoscopic adjustable banding is generally made from silicone and is in reality a hollow tube that is filled with saline. This band is wrapped around the top portion of the stomach so that a little pouch is produced. Adding more saline into the tube makes the band more restrictive and decreases the size of this pouch and at the same time slows down the flow of food from this sack to the larger portion of the stomach. Laproscopic band surgery works on the principle that the little pouch of the stomach fills up in just a short time and this transmits a signal to the brain that the person is full. Thus, there is a tendency to eat much less because of the feeling of fullness. Likewise, if the person attempts to continue eating, the food shall be vomited because of the reduced size of the pouch and the slow transfer of the food to the larger portion of the stomach. Laparoscopic adjustable banding weight loss surgery is therefore efficient and has a number of advantages, such as the potential for reversing the process by means of the elimination of the band. However, there are a variety of potential drawbacks, such as slippage, erroneous positioning of the band, gastritis, infection and internal bleeding. For those who are looking at lap band surgery San Antonio is a city with surgeons who are able to supply them with guidance and more information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: